Titanfall 2’s day one patch is a wide ranging 88MB

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Breathtaking as in “take a breath. Download complete”.


Titanfall 2 may have a day one replace, as is de rigueur, however for as soon as it’s not an incredible large sodding tens-of-gigabytes obtain to maintain you out of matches on launch day and patch in regardless of the developer sacrificed as a way to make platform holder certification by the disc manufacturing deadline.

Instead, it’s 88 MB. That’s megabytes. Remember these? They’re lots smaller. The information comes by way of Vince Zampella, cofounder of Titanfall 2 developer Respawn, who presumably would know. He made a little bit joke about it on Twitter; this being the Internet, most of the replies are folks earnestly informing him that 88 MB is small.

88 MB! What’s in it? What are you able to even slot in 88 MB? Titanfall 2 went gold at the end of September, so I suppose it’s not as if Respawn’s had a variety of time to suppose up new stuff to slap in there.

I’m wondering if the small patch dimension bodes nicely for a superb launch for Titanfall 2 this week. Let’s cross our fingers; we’re getting fairly tired of buggy triple-A releases.

As it’s possible you’ll recall, Titanfall 2 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One, and has a correct narrative single-player marketing campaign this time. We’re all for seeing the way it fares so near Battlefield 1 and with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare going all sci-fi this 12 months.


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