Swashbuckling Adventure Game, Bilkins' Folly, Will Now Hit PlayStation, Switch Alongside COMPUTER

Bilkins' Folly pirate indie adventure game gameplay trailer

Developer Webbysoft, a one-man group, and also author Armor Game Studios have actually introduced that Bilkins’ Folly will certainly additionally launch on some gaming consoles along with computer later on this year. 

Originally, Bilkins’ Folly scheduled out on simply computer however Webbysoft has actually included PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and also Switch to its checklist of systems. A launch day has actually not yet been disclosed however the game schedules in “late 2023.” In Bilkins’ Folly, you play as prize seeker Percival “Percy” Bilkins that, with his canine friend Drayton, starts a pursuit to locate their missing out on household that myseriously disappeared years earlier. On their trip, the duo will certainly jump islands, resolve challenges, and also much more. 

Check it out in the most recent trailer listed below: 

“A rouge wave leaves the pair stranded, shipless, and very sandy,” a news release reviews. “With their goal thwarted, Percy and also Drayton established their views on obtaining a brand-new ship, rejoining with their dependable staff, and also returning on course. Nothing is ever before that easy however, is it? 

“In this swashbuckling narrative adventure, explore goregous islands drenched in history and mystery, meet the regions’ quirky inhabitants, and use your cartography skills to map out sites to dig for riches. A dog is always your biggest asset, and Drayton is no different; as your bond with Percy’s pup grows, he’ll learn new tricks to open up untrodden paths, solve puzzles, and help you in your quest to find your family and unearth deeply buried secrets.” 


Here’s a checklist of functions in Bilkins’ Folly, from programmer Webbysoft: 

  • Expand your ship’s staff by hiring ambitious seafarers to join your rankings.

  • Socialize with the lots of citizens of the islands—however bear in mind they’ll keep in mind exactly how you treat them.

  • X notes the place! Customize your map to benefit you by attracting lines and also putting symbols to help you in your treasure-hunting adventures.

  • Fish for intriguing sea animals and also tape-record your searchings for in your journal.

  • Enter treasure-hunting competitors to gain prizes and also boasting civil liberties.

  • Pick locks, herd lamb, and also much more in lovely minigames.

Bilkins’ Folly strikes PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, and also COMPUTER in “late 2023.” 


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