New voice line on LoL PBE teases Pulsefire Caitlyn pores and skin, doable Pulsefire Ezreal rework

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A brand new voice line on the League of Legends PBE teases a doable Pulsefire pores and skin for Caitlyn.

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If you’ve acquired Ezreal’s ‘Pulsefire’ final pores and skin, you may hear the teaser for your self. Simply go right into a sport with Pulsefire Ezreal and transfer him wherever – he’ll request a diagnostic, and be interrupted by a voice saying “nowhere to hide”. You can see this within the following video, courtesy of SkinSpotlights:

“Nowhere to hide” is one among Caitlyn’s strains, and is a buddy of Ezreal in line with League lore. It’s additionally price noting that, 5 months in the past, Riot’s personalisation manager ‘SuperCakes’ said “I think the chances of a [Pulsefire Ezreal] rework are pretty high.” Pulsefire Ezreal was one of many first final skins Riot made, and whereas thrilling at its preliminary launch, has suffered compared to newer ultimates similar to Elementalist Lux. 

“We aren’t trying to get Pulsefire Ezreal to the same quality level as DJ Sona or Elementalist Lux,” says SuperCakes. “To do that, we’d have to start from scratch… That said, there’s a lot we can do to increase the quality of this skin, and those are the things we’ll be taking a look at.”

Could the rework come as a part of a bundle with Pulsefire Caitlyn?

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