Final Fantasy 16: Fear Not, The Game Draws Inspiration from the Finest Seasons of Game of Thrones

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For a couple of years currently, we’ve listened to Final Fantasy XVI is influenced by HBO’s Game of Thrones, as well as throughout my cover tale journey to Tokyo, Japan, to consult with Creative Business Unit III, I found out more concerning this. Specifically, as well as maybe seriously, I discovered that the group was influenced by the initial 4 periods of Game of Thrones. Or at the very least, that’s where it began. 

“Right around the start of the game’s development back when we’re in that early period is right about when [Season 4 of Game of Thrones on HBO] was airing,” FFXVI manufacturer Naoki Yoshida informs me. “We had seen it grow into this television show that was loved around the world, not just by older generations but younger generations as well. So we bought the Blu-Ray box of Seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4, and made everyone on the team watch it basically to get across to developers that this is what’s trending in the world – that this is the type of fantasy that people are enjoying.”

The Iron Kingdom

But Yoshida states the group took fantastic care to stay clear of FFXVI sensation like a carbon duplicate of Game of Thrones. While its ideas are clear, it seems like its very own point after playing as well as seeing the game for approximately 5 hrs. Plus, with every little thing else taking place in the game – especially the Eikon vs. Eikon fight – the group made use of various other resources of ideas like Attack on Titan, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Godzilla, Ultraman, as well as much more. 

Not just does Game of Thrones motivate the tale as well as globe feeling of Final Fantasy XVI, yet it additionally influences a great deal of its aesthetic design, according to art supervisor Hiroshi Minagawa.

Final Fantasy XVI Art Director Hiroshi Minagawa

“When I joined the team and spoke with Takai-san about the overall look of the game, we had that broad stroke that we wanted to have something that’s going to have that Game of Thrones feel, that kind of pure standard high fantasy that you’d see in that type of program and visual medium,” he informs me.

While individuals today still say where Game of Thrones started to fail, you’d be hard-pressed to locate somebody that believes the solution is someplace in those initial 4 periods. Those episodes are great tv, as well as if FFXVI’s take on dream resembles equaling them, we can be in for something unique. Fortunately, we don’t have also wait long due to the fact that FFXVI strikes PlayStation 5 on June 22. 

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