Atreus is God of War Ragnarök’s supreme adolescent sleazebag, infant

Atreus stands surrounded by various clip art of hearts in different colors.

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment using Polygon

[Ed note: This story contains spoilers for the first half of God of War Ragnarök.]

After saving the huge Týr, God of War Ragnarök releases my preferred story spin: reaching play the following area of the game as Atreus, my brand-new preferred angsty teenager.

The weary staff has actually gone back to Sindri’s residence. Kratos, being afraid for his kid’s safety and security, desires absolutely nothing greater than to desert the battle as well as discover a refuge to hunch down beyond Odin’s careful stare. Filled with exemplary agony, Atreus creeps out, versus his daddy’s dreams, to follow up on a fairly negative concept. He’s mosting likely to discover Freya, as well as he’s mosting likely to ask her for assist with this entire battle point. The gamer ultimately reaches be Atreus — a wonderful shock, as well as a button that I want was irreversible.

The more youthful teenager absolutely isn’t as solid as Kratos. His bow isn’t as effective as the Leviathan Axe; it can’t ice up networks of water or light lanterns. But Atreus offsets it in dexterity, with an evade that really feels faster as well as simpler to possess. For gamers that prefer dexterity-related playthroughs with sprinting, rolling, as well as headshotting, changing over to Atreus is a desire. He’s light on his feet, reproducing a lot of what I like concerning having fun Horizon’s active Aloy.

Could Atreus tackle the crocodile-like Dreki with just Sindri by his side? Probably not. Could Atreus tackle 2 Dreki, as Kratos can? Definitely not. Would I play the whole game as Atreus if provided the option? Absolutely. Sneaking around as a teen young boy that believes he understands everything about battle is most definitely a great concept that won’t make any person mad or obtain any person eliminated. I imply, his father is the Greek god of battle, besides. And they’ve obtained the Norse god of battle on their group currently as well.

Atreus looking up at Kratos, who is looking upward off screen, in God of War Ragnarök, with both characters wearing shiny armor

Image: SIE Santa Monica Studio/Sony Interactive Entertainment using Polygon

Playing as Atreus is likewise deeply amusing, particularly when viewing him try to do points his daddy can do effortlessly. Atreus attempts to open up an upper body by punching with the top like Kratos, which clearly does not function due to the fact that he has the arms of a consumptive Victorian youngster. From after that on, Atreus puts breast tops with his amazingly strong bow. Sindri creates a hysterical assistance personality, tossing constant color, making justifications concerning why he isn’t prepared, as well as eventually leaving Atreus behind as he challenges Freya. Support, my butt.

Best of all, I reach aid Atreus — (coughing) Loki — take pleasure in a little bit of adolescent disobedience. Train after my friend Fenrir passed away? Fuck you, father. It’s time to move my hair throughout my face, placed on eye liner, bring up that hoodie, as well as head to Warped Tour.

Loki has actually constantly been the mischief-maker of the Norse gods — the one whose tomfoolery led to the creation of Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. Though the God of War franchise business regularly leaves from traditional Norse folklore for its very own analyses, Atreus’ tiny acts of disobedience seem like a great nod to Loki’s very own beginnings. Loki is expected to draw unadvised techniques that piss off all the gods. Let Atreus have his enjoyable, I claim. I’d gladly play in addition to all of it.


Source: Polygon

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