Watch this speedrunner end a pacifist run of Diablo 2 in below eight hours

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I dunno should you’ve performed a lot Diablo 2, however you probably have, you most likely realize it entails a bunch of clicking and tapping hotkeys. That’s since you’re just about all the time combating if you’re within the sport’s dungeons – if you’re not selecting up loot that’s. That’s why this speedrun of the basic RPG is so spectacular. 

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Streamer DrCliche managed to finish a pacifist run of Diablo 2, getting by means of the Baal in Act V in somewhat greater than seven hours and 41 minutes. He nonetheless kills enemies, after all. Well, they kill themselves.

The concept is to equip gadgets that harm enemies once they assault you, so it’s essential refill on well being potions and simply absorb the hits like a meaty cactus, letting enemies prick themselves in your spiky exterior. 

There are some guidelines to this new form of speedrun, nonetheless. For a begin, mercenary NPCs are a no-no. Bugs are additionally not allowed. 

Additionally, there’s a bug that may trigger you to unwittingly hit enemies, because the mouse buttons revert to assault if you change gear. “As a outcome, it is simple to unwittingly swing at an enemy, or to by accident [use telekinesis on] one thing whereas aiming for a chest, portal, waypoint, shrine, seal, or altar,” says DrCliche. “If that occurs, merely apologize and do not permit that enemy to die. If that enemy must die, respawn it unprovoked in a brand new sport.”

You can watch the stream above for some extra methods, ideas, and what to not do should you fancy a crack at it. 

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