Warframe devs shut down RNG useful resource VoiD_Glitch Repository

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Digital Extremes have seemingly despatched a letter to the creator of certainly one of Warframe’s hottest neighborhood assets, leading to it being shut down. The Void_Glitch Repository was utilized by 1000’s of gamers to trace RNG stats, loot chance, and extra. 

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In a publish from the web site creator, through 4Chan, VoiD_Glitch says, “Yes, I deleted the repository. I talked to some friends about the decision beforehand (this wasn’t just me having a crazy thought then pulling the plug) and they told me it was safer to actually follow the letter’s instructions than to abstain from handling the information. So, for now at least, the information won’t be up.” 

The Warframe neighborhood aren’t pleased with this, as they argue this data must be available so gamers know their odds. 

As on Redditor factors out, at one level, Kubrow Eggs wouldn’t give a particular merchandise if discovered – there was solely an opportunity of acquiring the merchandise if the eggs have been bought. The neighborhood figured this out through datamining, the identical course of that builds the useful resource. Without that datamining, this subject would have lingered. 

We’ve been in contact with Digital Extremes and predict an official response later. 


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