The Glory component 2’s ruthless finishing takes no detainees

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The Glory ended its legendary, 16-episode story of retribution on Friday when Netflix went down the 2nd fifty percent of the Korean dramatization. The tale complies with Moon Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo) as she establishes right into activity a fancy strategy to establish retribution versus the 5 schoolmates that seriously harassed her as a young adult. It’s a basic story, raised by ravaging efficiencies, skillful writing, spectacular instructions, and also legendary songs. And it’s secured by a main, driving concern: Will Dong-eun prosper in obtaining her retribution — and also should she? The last episodes certainly offer a clear solution to those inquiries, while including some unanticipated spins at the same time (and also also teasing a feasible period 2).

[Ed. note: As you might expect, this article contains major spoilers for the gruesome ending of The Glory.]

What took place to Park Yeon-jin et cetera of the harasses?

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At the heart of The Glory is the vibrant in between Dong-eun and also Park Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon). Yeon-jin has actually constantly been Dong-eun’s primary target, as she was the ringleader in extremely harassing Dong-eun and also others in secondary school. The narrations we listen to throughout the collection are mounted both as Dong-eun’s stream of consciousness and also as letters to Park Yeon-jin. These are not missives that Dong-eun ever before plans to send out to Yeon-jin — that would certainly offer Yeon-jin power over Dong-eun in a manner Dong-eun never ever plans to enable once more. Rather, the letters to Yeon-jin are a symptom of Dong-eun’s hyperfocus on bringing Yeon-jin to justice, to the exemption of all else in her life.

In completion, Dong-eun usages Yeon-jin’s very own criminal activities and also viciousness to create her abuser’s failure. Dong-eun makes sure that Yeon-jin is linked to 2 fatalities in which she played a significant duty. First, the fatality of Yoon So-hee (played by Single’s Inferno contestant Lee So-yi), among Yeon-jin’s various other harassing targets in secondary school. The evening of So-hee’s fatality, Yeon-jin was with her on the roof covering of a deserted structure; she established fire to So-hee’s sweatshirt and also, when the lady connected for aid, Yeon-jin pushed her away. So-hee tipped over the roof covering’s side to her fatality.

Yeon-jin likewise contributed in the murder of Myeong-o (Kim Gun-charm). When Myeong-o attempted to blackmail Yeon-jin over So-hee’s fatality, she grabbed a pricey container of Jae-jun’s alcohol and also supplied 2 difficult impacts to Myeong-o’s head. It’s just in the last episode that we discover it was in fact silent shop assistant Kim Gyeong-ran (Ahn So-yo) that in fact supplied the murder strike. However, Dong-eun makes it clear to Gyeong-ran that Yeon-jin should be Myeong-o’s killer. In various other words, for Dong-eun to deal with responsibility for the discomfort and also enduring she has actually triggered for many years, she requires to visit prison for a criminal activity she didn’t practically dedicate.

Dong-eun’s retribution on Yeon-jin is made even more full by making certain that, when she deals with justice and also jail time, Yeon-jin has nobody by her side. Yeon-jin’s spouse, Do-yeong, finds Yeon-jin’s extramarital relations and also background of intimidation and also separates her, relocating with their little girl, Ye-sol, to the U.K. Dong-eun likewise adjusts Yeon-jin’s mom, Hong Yeong-ae (Yoon Da-kyung), right into murder Kang Hyun-nam’s (Yeom Hye-ran) violent spouse, and afterwards betraying Yeon-jin in an effort to conserve herself from prison. It’s clear from Hye-ran’s habits, both in previous and also existing, that Yeon-jin discovered her viciousness from her mom. When Yeon-jin pressed So-hee off the roof covering to her fatality, she informed her mom quickly. Rather than reassuring her little girl or sustaining her in encountering responsibility for her activities, Yeong-ae commences reprimanding her little girl and also making certain Yeon-jin’s component in the disaster is hidden. If Yeon-jin has any kind of long suit as a personality, it is that she doesn’t pass these actions onto Ye-sol.

Of training course, Yeon-jin isn’t the just one encountering major effects for their remorseless viciousness. Myeong-o, obviously, is killed. Jae-jun is pressed off of a structure to his fatality by Ha Do-yeong, after having actually been blinded by Choi Hye-jeong (Cha Joo-young). With the murder, Do-yeong makes sure that Jae-jun will certainly never ever follow Ye-sol, his organic little girl. On a wider thematic degree, it is mounted as penalty for Jae-jun raping So-hee when they remained in secondary school.

Elsewhere, Lee Sa-ra (Kim Hi-eora) is sentenced for stabbing Hye-jeong in the neck, while her priest daddy deals with effects for his monetary criminal activities. Hye-jeong might never ever talk once more, however contributes in the penalty of Jae-jun, that repudiated her. Yeon-jin’s mom mosts likely to prison, and also Dong-eun’s mom mosts likely to rehab for her alcoholic abuse (which is problematically mounted as a penalty for an ethical falling short in this collection instead of therapy for a persistent illness. Sa-ra’s compound usage problem is likewise mounted, highlighting the cultural differences in exactly how substance abuse is watched in Korea versus the U.S.).

What takes place to Dong-eun at the end of The Glory?

Lee Do-Hyun as Joo Yeo-jeong and Song Hye-kyo as Moon Dong-eun standing on the other side of a fence

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Once Dong-eun completes her retribution versus Yeon-jin and also the others, she is shed.

Do-yeong had actually formerly asked her: “Once this revenge is over, will you find happiness?” Dong-eun responded: “I hope so. I wish to be happy enough that I could die. I want to be happy, just by that much.” She prepares to pass away by self-destruction after her abusers deal with penalty, therefore she mosts likely to the roof covering where So-hee passed away. She composes one last letter to Yeon-jin in her head: “Dear Yeon-jin, who I’ve dreamed of killing: Goodbye. This is my last letter to you. I bid everyone else farewell as well.”

But at the last 2nd, Dong-eun modifications her mind. She picks up from Joo Yeo-jeong’s (Lee Do-hyun) mom that the male that eliminated Yeo-jeong’s daddy has actually been torturing him from jail with letters. And so, Dong-eun determines to tip off of the walk. She has a brand-new retribution to live for: Yeo-jeong’s. Six months later on, she returns right into his life with a strategy. She guarantees their target is moved to a various jail, where Yeo-jeong obtains a work as a medical professional and also Dong-eun functions as an instructor.

The collection finishes with both strolling right into jail for a day of job and also the beginning of their suggested retribution story. We don’t understand specifically what it will certainly appear like (that’s for a feasible period 2), however we understand they are with each other and also crazy. It’s a type of satisfied finishing for Dong-eun, that still reaches do what she has actually invested her life training herself to do — retaliate — however likewise has somebody by her side. She also connects to loyal partner Kang Hyun-nam, that is really feeling shed and also alone with her little girl at college in the U.S.

Some might locate the means every little thing forms for Dong-eun impractical, however this program never ever assured realistic look. Rather, it assured catharsis, for the discomfort Dong-eun withstood as a kid and also for the rage that came when nobody held her abusers answerable for it. It never ever did guarantee life for Dong-eun after retribution, however we obtained that as well — as a reward. “Thank you so much for saving me,” composes Dong-eun to the property owner she as soon as conserved as a young adult, and also that conserved her in return. “I didn’t grow up to be a good person, but one spring, I will fully bloom.” It’s the guarantee of recovery, in the middle of even more retribution.

Usually, in retribution dramatization focused around ladies, the tale makes the lead character select: On one course, there is some type of justice. On the various other, there is recovery. But they can’t have both. The Glory doesn’t make Dong-eun select, and also there’s something sort of remarkable because.

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