New PvP location


The upcoming update will not only be notable for the introduction of the new faction, balance changes and a new co-driver. In this update you will also be able to fight on the first map with a new arctic setting.

This is a 2-level map for battles in the “Encounter” mode. The location features an area that was once a scientific station that survived a volcanic eruption. It now serves as a place where the Hyperboreans recycle old submarines and other equipment for their needs.

In total, there are 2 main areas that can be distinguished on the map. The first is 2 parallel descents for long-range battles, while the second one is a plateau with plenty of cover and a capture point.

Each descent has 2 possible paths of travel: one leads to a firing position that can be used to shoot on the opposite side, while the other is hidden from enemy fire and will allow you to reach the lowlands without too much trouble. Both descents are connected by a bridge, which can help melee fighters go behind the backs of gaping snipers.

On the plateau, the vehicles assembled for melee fights and fights at medium distances will feel more comfortable. In the meantime, long-range vehicles must cover their allies, keep an eye out for enemy snipers and make their lives as difficult as possible.

What do you think about the new location after seeing it for the first time? Share your suggestions in the comments!