Here’s precisely when Dawn of War three unlocks in your space

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Not lengthy now till you may take to the grimdark battlefields of the grimdark 41st millennium and blast the grimdark out of some orks, Eldar or area marines, based on your preferences. Here’s precisely when you may get caught in.

A great area marine goes into battle totally briefed – although an ork in all probability does not. Anyway, this is everything we know about Dawn of War 3.

Dawn of War III unlocks at 07:00 Pacific time right this moment. Unlike in some video games it seems like that’s going to carry all over the world, so right here’s what it seems like in main cities close to you:

  • Vancouver: 07:00 Pacific
  • Seattle: 07:00 Pacific
  • New York: 10:00 Eastern
  • Rio de Janeiro: 11:00 BRT
  • London: 15:00 BST
  • Paris: 16:00 CEST
  • Berlin: 16:00 CEST
  • Moscow: 17:00 EEST
  • Beijing: 22:00 CST
  • Tokyo: 23:00 JST
  • Sydney: 00:00 AEST tomorrow, April 28

Here’s the announcement on Steam. If you’re nonetheless undecided what time the sport goes dwell for you, one of the simplest ways to examine can be on Steam – head to your native Dawn of War III store page and examine the place it says “this sport will unlock in roughly” nonetheless lengthy.

When it says ‘roughly’, it at all times rounds down from the highest of the hour, so the estimate is similar no matter whether or not the time is 21:01, 21:30 or 21:59. If midnight is go-time, in all three instances it’s going to say there’s two hours to go.