Halloween Update


  • Linux client beta!
  • Added the ZECU – Zombie Marines
  • Translations – Added Russian closed captions!
  • Added new security Joop model
  • Workshop publish tool is working again
  • General workshop improvements (all workshop items must now be VPKed to work)
  • VOIP works in multiplayer

Model Changes

  • Added all new security Jeep models
  • RPG and Tau weapon viewmodels can now have blood on them
  • Fixed MP5 tracers originating from above the gun

Programming Bugfixes

  • Fixed the ragdoll T-pose bug. There should be no more instances of ragdoll corpses standing up in the T-pose position when loading a save.
  • Re-added the cool Tau and Gluon gib effects from the mod. Now the gibs get their fizzy electric effects, as they did before!
  • Disappearing weapons bug is fixed in multiplayer. We believe we have resolved the bug related to your weapons sometimes disappearing in multiplayer when you respawn. Please report it to us again (with steps to reproduce, if possible) if you experience it.
  • Fixed voice chat in multiplayer
  • Fixed “double crouch” bug, aka “schrodinger’s crouch.” Fixed a hitbox bug related to rapid crouching that would make the player’s hitboxes always stay crouched, even while standing
  • Reduced physical scale of player viewmodels to ⅕ their original size. This has no impact on the size of the viewmodel in game (as it’s a scaled projection), but means there will be no more weird lighting bugs on the weapons, as their scale is now accurately represented. We also rescaled all the particles and associated weapon drag cvars to match the new weapon scale
  • Crossbow Bolt is now a simulated projectile with a speed of 8000 (from 2000). The old Crossbow bolt moved at the max speed allowed by the physics engine, so we switched it out for a tracer with a simulated speed. It is now far more useful as a long range sniping weapon, as intended.

    Cvar viewmodel_lag changed to cl_viewmodel_lag now using different scaling
  • Fixed violence_hgibs and violence_agibs options
  • Implemented SetPointsPerFrag for mp_gamerules
  • Updated engine internals to Valve upstream
  • Fixed multiple crossbow bugs
  • Fixed multiple minor crashes and bugs

Language Updates/Fixes

  • Added Russian closed captions
  • Fixed UI not displaying translated UI prompts and chapter titles
  • Updated and fixed Finnish translation files
  • Updated and fixed German translation files

Singleplayer Level Design


  • Fixed lighting on the helipad


  • Fixed casserole explosion particle disappearing or not showing at all


  • The crates during the platforming section are no longer physics objects, and are now static. This is to compensate for a physics engine bug which made jumping around here very unresponsive.


  • Fixed airlock steam particle not appearing


  • Added blocks on the tram lift platforms to stop the achievement hat from falling through them


  • Hopeful fix for players getting stuck in the world after reaching the top of the ladder in the crusher


  • Made the door at the end of the agrunt trip mine hall solid until the sequence has been triggered

Surface Tension

  • A minor foliage and rock overhaul in a few places throughout this chapter


  • Added a block to stop players getting stuck behind a rock near the start of the minefield
  • Fixed a houndeye spawning under the ground near the start of the level
  • Fixed misaligned sprites next to the storm drain console


  • Fixed pipe explosion not killing the player

Multiplayer Level Design


  • A prop fade distance pass has been done which should result in a frame rate improvement in many areas of the of map for users
  • Fixed visible nodraw near the middle of the map


  • Fixed various texture issues due to CSM
  • Fixed floating props
  • Added extra details for jump pads including props and overlays

Known Issues

  • Crossbow Zoom has weird interactions with FOV settings. This will be addressed in a later update by us overhauling how the Crossbow zoom works.
  • Crossbow aims high
  • Minor shadow errors on Linux.
  • GUI hints for VOIP are missing

Note: This update does not contain Xen. We are working on Xen and hope to have some media to talk about soon!