Alicent’s eco-friendly outfit is a significant pivotal moment in House of the Dragon

Alicent standing in the doorway to the great hall in a green dres, with her hands clasped in front of her at her waist

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House of the Dragon‘s 5th episode is an active one. But in between the wedding events, banquets, as well as battles, the solitary crucial minute was when all eyes got on Alicent Hightower’s outfit.

While the program itself provided a tiny description of its historic value, it plays a vital adequate component in therest of the series’ story So allow’s chat a bit much more concerning Westeros’ most popular eco-friendly outfit.

[Ed. note: This story contains spoilers for House of the Dragon episode 5.]

Essentially, whatever in House of the Dragon with episode 5 has actually been leading up to Alicent strolling right into Rhaenyra’s wedding celebration using a gown of brilliant eco-friendly. While the late arrival of the queen was discovered by all, it was up to Larys Strong, possibly House of the Dragon‘s cleverest personality, to hint the target market right into why the outfit’ color in fact matters.

First of all, eco-friendly has to do with as for you can obtain from the standard black as well as red shades of House Targaryen, signifying an absence of assistance for the family— as well as Rhaenyra– by the queen. More vital, as Larys clarifies, the light on top of the Hightower in Old Town (the seat of Alicent’s family members as well as the structure that provides their name) shines eco-friendly as a sign for battle, a little details included in the program that had not been offer its source product, George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood.

In various other words, Alicent’s viewed disloyalty from Rhaenyra as well as her other half King Viserys, which likewise drove her dad, Otto, from King’s Landing as well as his setting as Hand of the King, was serious sufficient for Alicent to functionally proclaim battle onHouse Targaryen As her initial actual act of self-agency, Alicent has actually picked to finish the worried– as well as constantly unequal in one instructions or the various other– relationship that Rhaenyra as well as Alicent when shared.

Of program, this enormous split is most likely to compel the remainder of Westeros to select which intrigue of House Targaryen to agree, yet much more notably it’s likewise mosting likely to compel both sides to locate methods to recognize themselves. Which is where the outfit itself returns right into play.

Without providing way too much away concerning what’s to find, it’s possibly worth recognizing since Alicent’s fans are mosting likely to be called the Greens, while Rhaenyra’s friend will certainly be the Blacks, that preserve House Targaryen’s standard shades. And these 2 sides will certainly comprise our main 2 intrigues as the Dance of the Dragons marches ahead.


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