Those who dwell in India can now play Pokemon GO

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If you reside in India you possibly can lastly play Pokemon GO.


The announcement comes from Niantic Labs and India’s Reliance Jio digital shops, which is able to act as PokeStops and Gyms like Starbucks and Sprint stores within the US.

Jio, which is a cell 4G broadband service firm, may even open a chat channel on its its Jio chat app so Pokemon GO gamers can talk with like-minded people (thanks, Huffington Post).

Niantic added second egneration Pokemon Togepi, Pichu, Magby, Elekid, Cleffa, Igglybuff and Smoochum at this time. If you need assistance attempting to hatch the eggs which include the infants, try Alex’s Pokemon Go: How to get all the new Pokemon via eggs: Togepi, Pichu, Igglybuff & more information by the hyperlink.

Pokemon GO went dwell at this time in India.