The Division 2: secret hunter masks places

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There are loads of collectables to search out in The Division 2, together with the key hunter masks.

There are 12 masks to search out in The Division 2, although you’ll must face off simply as many Hunters to search out them.

There’s a pre-requisite to discovering all the masks and also you’ll must do all of them at evening apart from the Demon masks.

At least one of many Hunters is stage 35, so we’d counsel levelling up shortly to at the very least stage 30 earlier than taking these challenges on.

If there are enemy patrols round, clear them out first as Hunters received’t spawn if there’s exercise. They would possibly transfer round, so pay attention for music modifications, a flash in your radar or static on the UI which is able to provide you with a warning to their presence.

The Division 2: all secret hunter masks loactions

Ghost and Spectre masks

To discover these two masks, you’ll first must reclaim the Control Point close to the Washington Monument. Once you’ve completed that, go down the elevator shaft and go to the again of the room to the display screen. Interact with it and also you’ll see three map factors on the display screen.

You’ll want to go to and salute three grave websites for this part. The first is close to the Control Point, to the underside proper close to the transport containers. The third is Northeast of the monument, close to some bushes and the third is Southeast of the monument in a grassy space. You ought to be capable to see the phrase Unite on the monument by way of a spot.

Once you’ve saluted all of those graves, return to the display screen on the Control Point. A big orange circle will present on display screen. From right here, head west and below an indication that claims Missing Persons. Look as much as the proper and also you’ll see a crane and a Hunter sitting on a transport container. You must one-shot this Hunter to get the masks.

If you miss, return to the Control Point display screen and check out once more. The Ghost masks will drop if you’re profitable.

To get the Spectre masks, head North from the monument and examine the rooftops for the Hunter. If you efficiently snipe him, the Spectre masks will drop.

Midas and Revenant masks

For these masks, you’ll must go West to an space with a shallow swimming pool. Stand on this pool and use the Jumping Jack emote. Two Hunters will then spawn and also you’ll need to kill them each to get the Midas and Revenant masks.

Ghoul masks

Head to the underside left nook of the map, close to the Lincoln Memorial, to an SHD cache. Go down the sewer entrance and observe the tunnel till you get to roop with a laptop computer in it. Interact with the laptop computer and a light-weight will come on, highlighting a map.

Go to the physique of water on the memorial and search for scaffolding that has a light-weight dangling from it. Shoot the lightbulb and a Hunter will spawn. He’s stage 35, so this isn’t for the faint-hearted. Defeat him and also you’ll choose up the Ghoul masks.

Wraith masks

From right here, go to the far East of the map, to the proper of the safehouse close to Capitol Hill. You’re on the lookout for a memorial wall with water in entrance of it. Stand within the water and switch spherical to your left and shoot the sunshine illuminating the wall.

Step out of the water, and stand behind the sunshine and salute the wall. You’ll realize it’s labored when a Hunter spawns. Take him all the way down to get the Wraith masks.

Crimson masks

To get this masks, you’ll must do a little bit of operating about. You wish to head to a location close to the stronghold near Judiciary Square. Go to the courtyard and stand within the center. You’ll see a wall with two doorways in it on one facet, and one with a single doorway on the opposite.

Head into the room with the 2 doorways first and work together with the pc on the desk. Turn round and run to the opposite facet of the courtyard, undergo the opposite doorway and work together with the telephone you see on the desk.

If you look out into the courtyard, you’ll see plenty of smoke and a Hunter will seem. Defeat him to get the Crimson masks.

Cross, Diamond, Death and Phantom masks.

There are 4 masks up for grabs right here, however that is by far essentially the most troublesome problem. To start, you’ll must go North of the Control Point, to the park with the Christmas tree within the center.

Go into the workplace and also you’ll see a lever on the facet of the desk. Pull this, then return exterior and begin operating across the Christmas tree. Do this till you see smoke after which three Hunters will seem.

Take out the three Hunters to get the Cross, Diamond and Death masks. To get the Phantom masks, head exterior the park to the road on the proper. You ought to discover a Hunter crouched close to the fence and he’ll drop the Phantom masks if you’re completed with him.

Demon masks

To get this final masks, head to the shopping center that’s East of the White House and proper of the Control Point. Go down the escalator and observe the trail and stairs till you discover a grassy platform.

Stand on the platform and take a look at the home windows throughout. You’ll see 4 small targets within the home windows. Shoot all 4 top-to-bottom after which a Hunter will spawn. Once he’s been handled, you’ll get the Demon masks.

And that’s it! If you’re on the lookout for extra collectables or how to get to level 30 quickly, then take a look at our final The Division 2 guide.