Teamfight Tactics – finest comps TFT 9.15

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With the most recent patch now taking maintain of Teamfight Tactics, your entire meta has utterly modified. Previously dominated by Demons, we’re now seeing a surge of Guardians and Rangers, in addition to devoted comps that embody Yordles and Dragons. These are the most effective comps at the moment in TFT that you should use to win games.

TFT comps 9.15 information

This information will go over all the finest group compositions in TFT, full with group make-up, techniques, and advisable gadgets to equip onto sure champions of every group.

Comps TFT

To have essentially the most success in TFT, you’ll want groups which have a large amount of synergy, the optimum gadgets outfitted, and respectable expertise that assist the remainder of your champions. It appears that actually, in the meanwhile, there are specific mixtures of Origins and Classes that work very nicely collectively. As of patch 9.15, there’s been a dramatic shift in favour of Guardians and Rangers, with different standouts together with Yordles and a Dragon/Shapeshifter mixture.

Six Yordles - TFT comp

Yordle comps TFT

In the most recent patch for TFT, particulars of that are present in our TFT patch 9.15 – 9.16 Hextech information, there are some vital updates to how sure traits and champions work. Some gadgets have additionally seen enhancements. However it has additionally meant that Yordles are a power to be reckoned with as soon as extra.

Since the crafting of Stattik Shivs and the Morellonomicon are important to the development of this comp, you’ll most likely need the recipes available. You can discover our TFT merchandise cheat sheets in our TFT item cheat sheet 9.15 information.

  • Champions: Tristana, Poppy, Gnar, Kennen, Veigar, Ahri, and Lulu
  • Items for carries:
    • Gnar– Stattik Shiv x2
    • Kennen – Guardian Angel, Morellononicon
  • Yordles gameplan
    • When to create – If you’ve got made a Stattik Shiv early and Yordles preserve showing within the store.
    • Early game – Your focus is to make Stattik Shivs, so craft them and search for extremely defensive champions in both Knights or Noble traits.
    • Mid game – At participant stage 6, you ought to be shifting in direction of attending to a place the place you’ve got 4 Knights and three Yordles, earlier than continuing to search out all six Yordles.
  • Top Tip – Lucian is an efficient champion to place your gadgets on early on, however as soon as he’s offered, prioritise buffing your Yordles.

Dragon/Shapeshifter - TFT comp

Dragon comps TFT

While the Dragon/Shapeshifter comp does depend on particular gadgets to be created, they’re largely going onto one champion – Shyvana. She is the primary carry for this construct, although Gnar will play the function of the tank within the late-game. Protect Shyvana and make sure that Aurelion Sol is current in order that she will be able to change into a dragon that melts enemies.

  • Champions: Braum, Shyvana, Leona, Karthus, Lulu, Nidalee, Gnar, Aurelion Sol
  • Items for carries:
    • Shyvana – Hextech Gunblade, Thornmail, Warmog’s Armor
    • Gnar – Stattik Shiv x2
    • Braum – Thornmail
  • Dragon/Shapeshifter gameplan
    • When to create – You have constructed one of many three gadgets to placed on Shyvana and have a single primary merchandise required for a second one.
    • Early game – Finding the gadgets is your first aim, so put cumbersome champions out to defend till then. Focus on Shapeshifters for procuring.
    • Mid game – At participant stage 6, you’ll be able to have Aatrox, Darius, Garen, and Kennen holding the entrance line when you discover the remainder of the comp. Try to get to participant stage 7 as quickly as attainable to search out Tier four champions like Gnar.
  • Top Tip – Shyvana needs to be upgraded first with the Warmog’s Armor being your high precedence, whereas Gnar completely wants the 2 Statikk Shivas quickly as attainable.

Imperial/Guardian - TFT comp

Imperial comps TFT

Draven is your principal champion on this comp as he will likely be throwing knives at enemies at an alarming charge if you happen to placed on the gadgets. This one begins slowly however ramps up dramatically as soon as all of the items fall into place.

  • Champions: Leona, Sejuani, Braum, Katarina, Draven, Swain, Darius
  • Items for carries:
    • Draven – Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster
    • Swain – Dragon’s Claw
  • Imperial/Guardian gameplan
    • When to create – Should you make an early Darius star rank 2 and get actually fortunate to find Recurve Bows.
    • Early game – Darius will likely be doing numerous the work within the early game, so simply select your third and fourth champions to get you to mid-game. Vayne and Tristana can carry Draven’s gadgets previous to switching.
    • Mid game – The concept right here is to have Draven all buffed up and able to rock for the late game. Brawlers might help till you get your Guardians and Imperials to a great place.
  • Top Tip – This comp depends rather a lot on Tier four and Tier 5 champions, so stage up early. Once you’ve got Swain, that’s when you must shift from utilizing both Brawlers or Blademasters and create the total comp.

Ranger/Guardian - TFT comp

Ranger comps TFT

The concept behind this comp is to load Varus and Ashe with some very particular gadgets as they would be the principal carries. There’s additionally some very particular positioning, so guarantee your Guardians are buffing one another in your formations. There is a sub-goal after attaining all the pieces that’ll tip you over the sting too.

  • Champions: Mordekaiser, Braum, Varus, Kindred, Leona, Ashe, and Vayne. Sejuani is an optionally available eighth champion.
  • Items for carries:
    • Ashe– Spear of Shojin x2, Guinsoo’s Rageblade
    • Varus – Stattik Shiv x2, Cursed Blade
    • Braum – Thornmail
    • Frozen Mallet – (Any non-glacial champion – make this after all the pieces else and guarantee Sejuani is on the board after the opposite seven).
  • Ranger/Guardian gameplan
    • When to create – You have been getting numerous Recurve Bows and you bought Vayne as much as an honest stage. Enemies are additionally working Elementalists.
    • Early game – Make the Stattik Shiv early on and deal with drafting Nobles from the store.
    • Mid game – Upon reaching participant stage 6, start rerolling till you discover both a Kindred or Leona. Build the group round them.
  • Top Tip – Make positive that the Guardians are buffing one another up, that the gadgets you’re creating are as much as spec, and if Vayne can’t be star rank 3, to shift to upgrading Varus as a substitute.

Glacial/Ranger/Elementalist - TFT comp

Glacial comps TFT

This is one other comp the place Ashe and Kennen are your principal carries, although the three traits that make up this group comp are maybe extra very important to get collectively. Elementalists provide you with an additional tanky Elemental to absorb harm whereas your Glacials freeze your foes to the spot.

  • Champions: Braum, Brand,  Kennen, Sejuani, Ashe, Varus, and Lissandra. Anivia as a substitute of Brand may also allow Leona as a substitute of Sejuani. Leona is an optionally available eighth champion.
  • Items for carries:
    • Ashe– Stattik Shiv x2, Spear of Shojin
    • Kennen – Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel
  • Glacial/Ranger/Elementalist gameplan
    • When to create – You have been getting numerous Recurve Bows and you bought Brand earlier than Kindred.
    • Early game – Make the Stattik Shiv early on and pop it onto Vayne. You can promote her later to switch her with Ashe.
    • Mid game – Upon reaching participant stage 6, start rerolling till you discover the opposite champions wanted for this group.
  • Top Tip – If you must see an Anivia early on, you’ll be able to substitute Leona for Sejuani as she’ll be a greater match at that time. Otherwise, deal with getting Stattik Shivs and the Morellonomicon on-line early on.

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