Square Enix’s Foamstars: A Sudsy Multiplayer Shooter Experience


Today’s PlayStation Showcase saw Square Enix introduce a squeaky-clean on the internet shooter called Foamstars. 

This crazy brand-new multiplayer shooter pits 2 groups of 4 versus each various other utilizing tools that fire, you presumed it, foam. Battlefields are covered in soapy foam, which gamers can utilize to their benefit by producing unsafe surface areas to glide at broadband. Foam can additionally be made use of in various other methods, such as to protect on your own and also your colleagues from strikes or develop viewpoint. The trailer displays a number of silly tools and also the game practically seems like the anti-thesis of Splatoon. 

Square Enix guarantees to share a lot more regarding Foamstars in the future, however it’s concerning PlayStation 5 and also 4. 


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