Sony states PSVR 2 is as well great to be in reverse suitable with PSVR games

(Image credit rating: Sony)

Sony has actually ultimately validated that the upcoming PSVR 2 headset will certainly not be in reverse suitable with initial PSVR games.

“PSVR games are not compatible with PSVR 2,” SVP of system experience Hideaki Nishino claimed on the most recent Official PlayStation Podcast (opens up in brand-new tab), “because PSVR 2 is designed to deliver a truly next-generation VR experience. PSVR 2 has much more advanced features like all-new controller haptics feedback, adaptive triggers, inside-out tracking, eye-tracking, 3D audio is coming together, 4K, and HDR, of course.

“So this suggests creating games for PSVR 2 needs an entire various technique than the initial PSVR. These functions really allow programmers to develop globes that really feel much more dazzling and also to life, and also bring gamers closer to the gameplay experience than ever before. I think that. Games like Resident Evil Village and also Horizon: Call of the Mountain demonstrate how programmers are utilizing PSVR 2 to provide an entire brand-new degree of aesthetic and also audio sensory immersion in virtual reality games, which was an actually wonderful experience to me. I truly delighted in that.”

It’s worth noting, of course, that the PS5 also features all-new controller haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, 3D audio, 4K, and HDR, and despite that remains backwards compatible with the vast majority of the PS4 library.

Obviously, though, that’s not really the point. PSVR 2 features an entirely different tracking system compared with the original PSVR, so games would either need to be updated for the new system or use some sort of universal interpretation to make the games compatible. This sort of thing already happens to make PC VR games compatible with a wide variety of headsets, but that won’t be the case with PSVR 2.

Here are the upcoming PSVR 2 games that you really will have the ability to use the brand-new headset.




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