Skyrim: How to affix the Thieves Guild

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Pickpocket like a professional. Here’s how you can be part of the most effective.


If sneaking and taking down enemies quietly if in any respect is your kind of factor, The Thieves Guild is probably going considered one of your high decisions for a job on the planet of Skyrim.

Much as with The Dark Brotherhood, the factor concerning the Thieves Guild is they’re by their very nature relatively secretive. In order to affix them you’ll must know who to talk to and observe them down so as to get the introductions you want. We’re right here to assist. Here’s how you can get in contact with the Thieves Guild in Skyrim:

How to affix The Thieves Guild

  • In town of Riften you’ll discover Brynjolf, a nord chap with pink hair. He could be discovered within the market space within the daytime (8am-8pm) and in The Bee and Barb inn at evening. If you encounter him at evening within the inn, he’ll solely redirect you to search out him within the market within the day, nevertheless.
  • As quickly as you discover the proper man, he’ll excitedly attempt to speak to you. Chatting to him will kick off the ‘A Chance Arrangement’ quest.
  • You now should observe the steps of the A Chance Arrangement quest. You’ll be tasked with stealing a Silver Ring from a strongbox – however then in a twist it’s important to reverse-pickpocket so as to plant that ring inside one other chap’s pocket.
  • This quest is basically fairly straightforward – Brynjolf lays out a plan intimately. He even causes a pleasant distraction within the market – all it’s important to do as an alternative is perform the plan as he recommended. This is simple.
  • While finishing the duty efficiently is good, in the event you do for some purpose fail or are caught you may nonetheless be part of the guild – Brynjolf will say he sees your potential. It’s higher to cross with flying colors, nevertheless, because the guild people can be extra accepting. When the hunt is full, meet Brynjolf within the Ragged Flagon to get correctly signed up and get entry to the complete set of Thieves Guild quests.
  • Be warned – when you’ve joined the guild, attacking different guild members or these related to the guild will see you kicked out. You’ll have the ability to rejoin, nevertheless it gained’t be low-cost.

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