She-Hulk: Marvel launches a making-of which describes Ghost Rider, the followers uneasy

If Black Panther 2 Wakanda Forever will certainly be the last movie of Phase 4 of the MCU, fans of superheroes from the Marvel steady will certainly have the ability to uncover the She-Hulk collection in a couple of weeks. It is certainly on August 17 that the very first episode will certainly be relayed on Disney + as well as will certainly enable Tatiana Maslany to take her very first steps in the MCU. If San Diego Comic-Con 2022 enabled us to uncover a brand-new trailer that exposed the visibility of Daredevil in the collection, it might well be that large cameos are anticipated. For several, there is a possibility that Ghost Rider will certainly be presented in the collection, given that Marvel Studios went down tips planned of which was launched a couple of days earlier. Towards completion of the video clip, at 1″50 min precisely, we see Wong fighting against flying creatures on the stage of a theater. If our eye is drawn to the fight and the interdimensional portal, we can see a sign placed on the left side of the image and revealing a poster which bears the name of Danny Blaze. A name which obviously recalls that of Johnny Blaze who is none other than the Ghost Rider in person. So certainly, the name is not not quite identical, but we remember that in the comic-books, Danny Ketch is the 3rd character to become the Ghost Rider. It is therefore not impossible that the MCU allows itself a freedom of name, as it was the case with Scott Lang who became Ant-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while it is Hank Pym in American comics.

Marvel Cinematic Universe

During San Diego Comic-Con, She-Hulk screenwriter Jessica Gao confessed that the series will feature a lot of cameos in the series, stating that ” several of them have actually never ever been performed in the MCU “. Can we see a hint of the arrival of Ghost Rider, especially since in recent weeks, the name of Ryan Gosling has circulated quite a bit during interviews and other red carpets. The actor on the bill of The Gray Man indeed seems quite excited at the idea of ​​integrating the Marvel team into the cinema and it is not impossible that he could succeed Nicolas Cage in the role of Johnny Blaze…

Marvel Cinematic Universe


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