Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Part 12 – Mibu Village, Corrupted Monk Spirit, Screen Monkeys

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With the Hidden Forest wanting decidedly much less misty, the way in which is now clear to tackle the cursed Mibu Village and its horrible residents. It’s an attention-grabbing place, and opens up some very attention-grabbing battles.

There’s lots to see and discover right here, and it’s probably the greatest locations to grind up Skill XP and Sen if it is advisable seize an merchandise from a service provider or study a ability.

From the Mibu Village Shrine, have a look to the precise down the hill under you. There’s a Memorial Mob service provider right here that sells a great deal of nice objects, together with Carp Scales, and a a number of use Gourd that reduces Terror standing, nice for combating the Headless and comparable bosses.

Downstream to the precise of the Mob is a rock-hard Shinobi dude. He’s guarding one other valuable Carp Scale, which you’ll be able to nab with out killing him should you lead him away then dash in and seize the merchandise whereas he’s chasing you.

Mibu Village

To advance correctly, run ahead from the Mibu Village Shrine upstream. You’ll see some zombie farmers amassing within the river, both run previous them, of slash them a couple of times to take them out – they’ll solely respawn in a couple of seconds.

Follow the steam till you see a path that leads round to the left. Walk alongside it and also you’ll meet a giant group of zombie farmers. Either Whirlwind Strike to take them out or leap up and grapple to the tree department behind them.

Jump onto the thatched roof in entrance of you, then leap down into the outlet. You can discuss to a pleasant NPC right here, then once you’re carried out grapple out and grapple throughout to the second roof.

There’s an space over to the left the place you may gather a few good improve objects, however down in entrance of you there’s an open graveyard-like space.

Take out the hen on the roof with you, then get able to assault the graveyard.

As you make your means by this small space, little dudes will burst out of the bottom and seize you, so that you’ll need to be fast. Under the massive tree within the prime left of the fenced graveyard is a Gourd Seed, which you’ll positively need to choose up.

On the opposite facet of the yard, make your means round to the left earlier than grappling up behind the massive bell dude, and deathblow the farmer ready for you on the prime.

Walk ahead and there’s one other zombie collector digging within the floor. Take them out then look to your left. There are two outdated woman enemies right here which are very, very harmful.

If you get caught of their seize assault they’ll destroy most of your well being, if not kill you outright, so again off closely as they advance, then dash and strike again after they cease. They’re weak when unguarded so end them shortly.

Behind you throughout the small bridge there’s a Sculptor’s Idol the place you may relaxation, known as the Water Mill.

From the Water Mill, proceed up the trail subsequent to you.

You’ll hear music taking part in as you progress, and ultimately see a girl crying. She’s a reasonably powerful non-compulsory boss – O’Rin of the Water. She’s additionally very, very non-compulsory, since you may simply run previous her throughout the bridge to the left.

If you do need to combat her, equip some Divine Confetti to deal further injury and parry her strikes. Whirlwind Strike works nicely in opposition to her guard, however in any other case you’re attempting to bait out the top of her combos to counterstrike.

Once you’re on the opposite facet of the bridge, over to your proper you’ll see a load of enemies in entrance of a home which you could Eavesdrop on.

Sneak up and deathblow the massive boi, then set to taking up the zombies. Pay particular thoughts to the thrower enemies, their gray projectiles inflict Terror standing which can kill you immediately in case your bar will get crammed.

Try to not get caught in the midst of the group, in any other case you will get caught out by the grabby outdated woman enemies. Back off after they attempt to get you, and dash in when their combo finishes.

Once they’re down, crouch and go beneath the home. Under right here, you’ll discover a revolving door that permits you to inside the home.

You can discuss to an NPC right here, then exit by the ruined partitions to seize objects exterior.

Over to the precise, as you’re coming again in, you may grapple to the second ground the place you could find a Prayer Bead.

Jump onto the roof and again out to the place you fought the enemies.

If you misplaced any well being or consumed any objects, return to the Water Mill Shrine and restock.

Retrace your steps to right here and proceed on the trail as much as the left. You’ll come face-to-face with a tough boss.

Corrupted Spirit Monk

This is a mechanically powerful combat, and requires intense focus for a very long time. She may solely have one well being bar, nevertheless it takes a heck of a very long time to get down.

At the beginning of the combat, she’ll be weak to some hits proper firstly.

Over the course of the battle, you may as well use Snap Seeds to stun her as much as thrice. This leaves her open to a few slashes or a Shinobi Axe swing.

Her fundamental combo is a 5 strike lengthy round sweep. Sprint backwards to get out of the way in which of the primary three of 4 swipes, then parry the fifth. This will depart you in a powerful place to retaliate with a counterstrike.

When she does her unblockable sweep assault, you may attempt to leap on her head if you would like, however the followup swing makes it tough. The smartest thing to do is stand again from each of those strikes then nip in on the finish of the combo to deal some fast injury.

A number of her strikes are fairly sluggish and deliberate, so numerous this combat is about step dodging out of the hitbox of her assault, then sprinting again in to chip her well being away.

When she jumps within the air in direction of you, leap again at her and parry her strike when you’re within the air – this additionally leaves you in an awesome counter place.

Remember, you may block numerous her primary assaults. If you get caught in a sticky spot, maintain block and attempt to put far between the 2 of you.

You can interrupt her thrust assault by hitting her whereas she’s winding it up.

Defeating the Monk will get you not solely a Memory assault enhance, however the capability to swim underwater as nicely.

Go and relaxation on the shrine that’s appeared on the battlefield, then undergo the cave opening to the left. Inside you’ll discover the Shelter Stone, one of many objects Kuro wants.

Travel again to his room and inform him, and after a dialog he’ll inform you to speak to Emma.

Speak to her, then discuss to Kuro once more.

All this discuss of Immortal Severance will lead you to a brand new fundamental goal: receive the Mortal Blade.

It was final seen a Senpou Temple on Mt. Kongo, which fortunately, you’ve already cleared to the top. Travel to the Main Hall Shrine at Senpou Temple, then go over to the place the aged monk was sat in entrance of the statue earlier.

On the altar, there’s a bell which you could work together with. Ringing it transports you to a brand new realm, and a recent problem.

Folding Screen Monkeys

This set-piece boss battle is completely different to some other that you simply’ve confronted thus far. It’s extra of an motion puzzle than a straight up combat, which can take a look at your technique greater than mechanical ability.

Your aim is to kill the 4 Folding Screen Monkeys that’re hiding the Divine Child.

You need to take every one out very particularly, otherwise you’re going to be in for a nasty time. Roaming the world are packs of lethal ghost monkeys (sure, actually), who inflict Terror standing and may overwhelm and kill you in a short time. You’ll need to preserve a beady eye out for them as you go about your small business.

At the beginning of the combat, you’ll get a bell in your stock. Ringing it’ll reset the place of the entire monkeys, so you’ll want to make use of it should you’re caught.

To begin the encounter correctly, out of your beginning place, do a whole 180 and look behind you. Take a step or two ahead then slash. There’s an invisible monkey right here, trolling you mercilessly along with his mere presence. One down.

Next you’re after the inexperienced monkey. Turn again to face the way in which you began, then grapple up onto the construction in entrance of you. You’ll see a giant tree with two of the monkeys in it in entrance of you, grapple right down to it they usually’ll flee.

Follow the inexperienced monkey straight ahead, grappling onto the picket walkway on the opposite facet of the tree. There’s an enormous bell right here which you could work together with, and also you’ll see the inexperienced monkey simply above you.

Interact with the large bell to ring it and it’ll stun the monkey. Now grapple as much as him and kill him whereas he’s surprised. Two down.

Turn again round to face the tree. Your subsequent goal is the pink monkey, who’s invisible when you’re quite a lot of toes away from him. The solely strategy to observe him is to comply with the path of flames that he leaves behind.

After you’ve scared him from the tree within the centre, he’s in all probability wandering across the perimeter wall. From the place you defeated the inexperienced monkey, grapple to the roof behind you and see should you can spot the flames. He’s in all probability on the opposite facet of the tree, so grapple throughout.

When you catch as much as his flame path, crouch and sneak up behind him, in any other case he’ll run off.

Around now might be the place the Terror ghost monkeys will come into play. If they begin to provide you with a tough time, break off from following the pink monkey for a minute, cope with the ghosts, then resume your hunt so that you don’t scare him off.

Once you’re in vary of a stealth blow, take the pink monkey down.

The remaining monkey is essentially the most finicky.

He’s discovered within the prime left tower of the world – it out of your beginning place (see round 27:14 within the walkthrough video).

Make your means throughout the rooftops from the pink monkey, both killing or operating from the ghost monkeys alongside the way in which.

Once you’ve reached the roof of the tower, leap up onto the hole within the ceiling. Make certain you do that on the underside facet quite than the precise, because the monkey will see you in any other case.

You then must drop onto the monkey and air assassinate him. This isn’t utterly simple although.

If you miss him, go to the far door within the temple he was hiding in and work together with it. This will make it darkish within the room so he received’t spot you on the roof.

Ring your mini-bell to reset positions, then return to the roof and get the drop on him.

With all 4 down, a cutscene will play.

When you regain management, you’ll be in a brand new space with a brand new NPC to satisfy – The Divine Child.

Go and communicate to her within the temple, and one other cutscene will play.

After the cutscene, communicate to her once more and exhaust your dialog choices. To depart, exit of her temple and switch proper, up the picket stairs.

At the highest you may open a door which leads again to the Main Hall Shrine. From right here, journey to Kuro’s room and communicate to him.

After your dialog, work together with the incense burner, then go and discuss to Kuro once more. Following this dialog your solely strategy to advance can be to hunt the second merchandise you search.

In numerous FromSoftware program games the baddies have been big monstrous beasts, however in Sekiro you principally combat human foes. That’s about to vary – within the subsequent half!

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