Saturnalia, An Indie Horror With An Art Style You Have To See, Captures October Release Date

Saturnalia Release Date October Survival Horror

Saturnalia is a forthcoming survival horror game with an extremely unique art style introduced last month. Now, we understand when we can play it since Saturnalia has actually caught an October 27 launch day.

That’s when it will certainly strike PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, as well as COMPUTER (through the Epic Games Store). Developed by Italy- based workshop Santa Ragione, the group behind games like Fotonica, MirrorMoon EP, as well as Wheels of Aurelia, Saturnalia is toning up to be a fun time. You can discover why in the New Gameplay Today section we tape-recorded that’s everything about Saturnalia, including greater than 15 mins of gameplay, listed below:

“[Saturnalia] is a kaleidoscopic adventure inspired in equal parts by authentic Sardinian folklore and classic Italian Giallo horror films,” a news release checks out. “The story involves a mysterious, centuries-old ritual that occurs every year on the night of the winter solstice in the Italian village of Gravoi. Each of the game’s four playable characters must utilize their unique abilities and confront their own personal revelations in order to expose the secrets haunting the town and ultimately escape their doom.”

Here are some extra Saturnalia highlights from Santa Ragione:

  • Seek hints in a maze-like town without any pens or compass to direct your actions.
  • Explore the ever-changing community of Gravoi utilizing suits to maintain the dark away.
  • Flight as well as stealth are your only choices, as you can not combat the animal that pursues you.
  • Immerse on your own in the stop-motion computer animation as well as vivid expressionist art design of Saturnalia for a strangely gorgeous ambience that is as fascinating as it is cooling.
  • Control your destiny via non-linear development as well as a vibrant, flexible story, with one-of-a-kind endgames depending on gamer options.

Saturnalia strikes PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Switch, as well as COMPUTER through the Epic Games Store on October 27.

Are you mosting likely to examine this game out? Let us understand in the remarks listed below!


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