Rhythm Paradise Megamix Review: The greatest recreation of the 12 months that hardly anybody will play

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This recreation is tiny, however hear – it’s wonderful.


Sometimes, the perfect factor a recreation can probably do is focus. Rhythm Paradise (Rhythm Heaven in North America) is among the greatest examples of that on the market. It eliminates all of the doable complexities and strips every little thing proper again: It’s nearly a button press. Sometimes, not often, it’s about two. It’s easy and, dare I say, excellent.

We’re typically a bit extra targeted on the large triple-A titles right here on VG247, however now and again one in all us sneaks the time to write down a narrative like this for a recreation that simply bloody properly deserves it. Some of you may already know the Rhythm Paradise sequence, a easy set of video games that process gamers with quite a few easy rhythm-based challenges that final a few minutes a chunk.

“All you do in those games is press A and occasionally B, but they’re amazing. I love it.”

The sequence has appeared on the GBA, DS, Wii and now seems right here on the 3DS. The promotion for the sport boasts that that is the primary time it contains a story, however none of that actually issues. The recreation even acknowledges this on the first, gleefully noting this isn’t one in all gaming’s “big and serious” tales.

Its narrative is as a substitute twee and candy, and the sport has a slightly earnest tone that thanks you for enjoying it repeatedly. The characters are well-written however easy sketches, typically by design strolling cliches: and that’s as a result of that is actually all in regards to the rhythm.

It’s like Rez, actually, however slightly than psychedelic visuals Rhythm Paradise goes for cute cartoon characters and sound results. It works.


One mini-game from the Wii model, Ringside, makes a return right here, and I used to be ecstatic. “Wubadubaduba is that true?” is one thing that’s been seared into my reminiscence since 2011. The identical is true of that bloody cat that goes “Ba bam bu bum”. The linked clips are from the Wii recreation, however these video games are a number of of a number of to make a return right here on 3DS.

All you do in these video games is press A and infrequently B, however they’re wonderful. I adore it. The music is at all times memorable and completely constructed for the mini-game in query. You slip into that trance-like state, and all of a sudden your foot is aggressively tapping alongside to maintain the rhythm. So entranced was I that on a practice a grumpy previous man tapped me on the shoulder to whine about my foot-tapping.

The recreation is properly conscious of its visible factor and makes use of it properly. Sometimes the sport will fade music all the way down to encourage you to depend by yourself or watch the visuals. Other video games have a visible consistency that matches the music, however then yank that out from beneath you by eradicating the visible cue leaving solely the rhythm.

I adore it. I like Rhythm video games anyway, as my a whole lot of Rock Band DLC songs can attest, however the simplicity right here turns it into one thing deceptively addictive and lovable.

The video games are at all times easy, however in retaining them so the main target for extra expert gamers turns into extra about excellent runs than it’s simply survival. You work by way of ranges and unlock extra video games, then the sport throws you its greatest curveball: remixes.

Each recreation has its personal music and lasts a few minutes, however remixes string video games and mechanics you understand collectively round a brand new monitor. The rhythms and patterns taught to you by video games individually should now be deployed in these challenges when video games seamlessly swap from one to the opposite mid-track. It’s satisfying and difficult.

“This is the definitive entry in a series that truly deserves its cult classic status.”

Often the remixes are accompanied by some Japanese pop monitor with overly earnest lyrics and an annoyingly catchy hook. These can be found in each translated English and Japanese variations, a beautiful contact. The remixes are actually nice – here’s a link to one from the Wii game to keep away from spoilers for this recreation. You’ll see how advanced they get by way of rhythm.

The form of fast satisfaction these video games supply seems to be within the lineage of its staff since lots of the identical folks additionally make the WarioWare video games, that are additionally glorious mini-game collections. Some are higher than others, however the normal high quality bar is ready excessive certainly.

There are over 100 video games on the cart, most of them returning hits from the earlier 4 Rhythm Paradise video games. That’s why this can be a megamix, however there’s no disgrace in it – this can be a unbelievable package deal. It’s rounded out by a bunch of all-new video games and 10 new remixes.

It’s exhausting for me to fault this recreation. I adore it rather a lot. It’s not excellent, clearly, however the points are minor. I believe it takes too lengthy to get to the remixes. There are a number of dud video games. There’s plenty of repeated content material for previous arms, like me. But, truthfully, so what? What’s there’s nice – it’s one in all my favorite video games of the 12 months.

Rhythm Paradise Megamix bought a digital-only launch in North America a number of months in the past, and hits Europe this week with each digital and bodily releases. It’s by no means going to set the gross sales charts alight, however this recreation is particular. This is the definitive entry in a sequence that really deserves its cult traditional standing.


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