Reducing Screen Time and Overcoming Social Media Addiction: Practical Tips to Get Started

How frequently do you check out your phone a day? According to an Asurion research, the 2022 standard was 253 times daily. We additionally invest 36 days on social media sites each year.

It’s all as well simple to get lost in our screens as we touch from application to application and also scroll with social feeds. Unless you prepare to leave the grid and also transfer to a log cabin in the timbers, reducing technology out of your life entirely is impractical. What you can do is attempt consuming technology more mindfully. Modern gadgets and also social media sites applications are made to maintain you involved, yet there are means to reclaim control of your technology.

1. Change Notification Settings

app notification settings

Are you handling a deluge of alerts from e-mails, messages, Snapchat, Instagram, Slack, and also lots of various other applications? Cut out the sound by altering the default setups.

Go right into the alert setups on all your gadgets—mobile phones, tablet computers, desktop computers, and also laptop computers—and also switch off whatever you view as superfluous. For circumstances, disable the alert dots that show up beside your application symbols and also plead you to inspect them. Or adjustment setups for specific applications to tailor what occasions on Facebook require a ping, as an example.

2. Eliminate Distractions

iphone focus mode

iPhone Focus Mode

Apple iPhone customers have actually an attribute called Focus Mode, which is basically an overhauled variation of Do Not Disturb (DND) that enables you to disable specific performance at particular times of the day. It consists of the standard DND, yet additionally particular settings for rest, individual time, and also job.

Android has its very own Focus Mode under Settings > Digital Wellbeing & adult controls, where you can establish a timetable for when sidetracking applications will certainly be inaccessible to make use of.

On the computer system, Mac customers have a variation of Focus Mode, while Focus Assist on Windows can outlaw alerts under particular requirements. Windows 11 customers have an extra Focus Sessions performance attribute.

There are additionally third-party choices like Freedom and also the StayFocusd expansion, which momentarily obstruct applications and also internet sites for collection time periods. Extensions can additionally aid you make use of websites like Facebook and also YouTube in a lot more targeted means. Distraction Free YouTube eliminates advised video clips from sidebars to maintain you from obtaining absorbed. News Feed Eradicator obscures out Facebook articles for customers that wish to make use of the application just as a utility for points like occasions and also teams. The Facebook Demetricator expansion conceals like, remark, and also share numbers to maintain you from infatuating on responses.

3. Manage Your Screen Time

iphone downtime settings

App and also gadget manufacturers have their very own services to deal with technology dependency. For iPhone customers, Screen Time tracks your application use and also allows you place restrictions on specific sorts of applications. A function called Downtime can additionally aid prevent phone use by securing specific applications and also phone functions at a timetable time of day.

On Android, Google’s Digital Wellbeing application presents a control panel damaging down application use, just how frequently you open your phone, and also the amount of alerts you get. For those with Galaxy gadgets, Samsung uses its very own electronic health and wellbeing attribute.

Certain applications additionally have their very own screen-time functions. On Facebook, open Settings & personal privacy > Your time on Facebook and also pick See Time to inspect just how frequently you make use of the application or pick See Tools to establish restrictions on application use. Facebook additionally uses Quiet Mode to basically disable all alerts and also application features at established times.

facebook quiet mode

Quiet Mode

You can do the very same on Instagram if you open up the burger food selection on your account and also pick Your task > Time invested. The application after that enables you to establish break pointers and also restrict the length of time you can make use of the application in one resting. Instagram additionally has its very own Quiet Mode under Settings and also personal privacy > Notifications > Quiet setting.

TikTok enables you to inspect your display time and also established restrictions in order to suppress your application use. From your account, open up the burger food selection and also faucet Settings and also personal privacy > Screen time to watch your day-to-day and also once a week display time, established breaks, and also take care of rest pointers.

4. Turn on Grayscale

iphone grayscale settings

iPhone Grayscale setups

The Center for Humane Technology states that “colorful icons give our brains shiny rewards every time we unlock.” Setting your phone to grayscale trains your mind to inspect your phone much less.

On an iPhone, most likely to Settings > Accessibility > Display & Text Size and also pick Color Filters. Enable Color Filters and also establish it to Grayscale. You can additionally open up Accessibility Shortcut and also pick the Color Filters alternative. This will certainly permit you to triple-click the side switch or house switch to transform grayscale on and also off.

If you do not desire your phone display to be grey constantly, you can establish it to activate at specific times, like around going to bed. With the iPhone’s Shortcuts app, develop one that will certainly transform the phone’s display to grey when turned on. This activity can additionally be related to Bedtime or Focus Mode.

Android customers’ choices will certainly differ based upon their phone’s producer. Samsung proprietors can open up Settings > Accessibility > Visibility improvements > Color modification, after that pick Grayscale and also make it possible for Color Correction on top. Pixel proprietors must most likely to Settings > Accessibility > Color and also movement and also pick Color modification. You should after that make it possible for Use shade modification and also pick Grayscale.

5. Set Up Healthy Sleep Patterns

screenshots of sleep focus and sleep schedule on iphone

Sleep Focus and also Sleep Schedule on iPhone

The finest means to begin having a healthy and balanced connection with your phone is to exercise healthy and balanced behaviors at going to bed. That indicates not maintaining your phone available during the night and also making use of a physical alarm. Your phone needs to bill additionally far from your bed or preferably be left in one more space completely so as not to attract you right into selecting it up in the center of the evening.

Take this additional by taking down your phone at the very least one hr prior to bed. Your iPhone can aid you below if you activate the Sleep Focus under Settings > Focus to tamp down alerts during the night. This can additionally be made use of along with the Health application to establish a going to bed, where the phone advises you it’s time to enter bed, and afterwards once more when it’s time to visit rest.

Android customers have a comparable attribute that enables you to establish a rest timetable, activate Do Not Disturb, and also tailor display filters. Open Settings > Modes & Routines > Sleep on a Galaxy phone. Go to Settings > Digital Wellbeing & adult controls > Bedtime setting on a Pixel.

6. Switch to a Utility-First Layout

ipad app library

App Library on iPad

Modern smart device user interfaces are made so you can utilize them without needing to consider it. Are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or Reddit all easily offered right when you open your display? If so, it’s simple to use among these applications and also begin scrolling prior to you have time to take into consideration whether you opened it for a factor.

Avoid obtaining drawn right into the limitless scroll by cleaning up your electronic room. Put all your social applications right into a folder and also conceal it on the last of the house displays. If you wish to inspect them, your mind will certainly need to help it. After doing this, you might discover on your own constantly inspecting your Instagram feed a little bit much less frequently.

If this does not go much sufficient, eliminate the applications from the house display completely. Android customers can drag applications off their house display, while iPhone customers can long-press an application and also pick Remove App > Remove From Home Screen to relocate to the App Library.

You may additionally wish to attempt looking for applications by name as opposed to opening up the application straight. On iPhone, swipe to raise the search box. Android customers can swipe up or make use of the search box installed on the house display.

Even these little adjustments provide you an opportunity to stop for a minute and also consider whether you’re opening up the application for a factor.

7. Delete the Apps and also Use the Web Instead

delete iphone app

If all else stops working, take the nuclear alternative and also remove unneeded applications from your phone. Remove an application from the iPhone by long-pressing on it and also choose Remove App > Delete App. Android customers can drag an application to the Delete alternative on the edit display.

This does not indicate you can never ever make use of social media sites once more, though. For social media networks like Facebook, you can still visit from the internet if there’s something you truly require to inspect. So you can still make use of the solution without having need to touch open the application at a minute’s notification. You control your technology. Don’t allow it regulate you.

8. Set Social Boundaries

One essential point missing out on from the means a lot of us make use of modern technology is decorum. When is it suitable to have your smart device out and also when is it thought about discourteous? If you’re having an in person discussion with a person, withstanding need to take out a tool is the initial step towards removing a harmful or discourteous actions.

One great policy is not to have gadgets on the table throughout dishes, whether that remains in a dining establishment or in your home. Especially if there are youngsters at the table that do not have their very own gadgets yet, it’s a negative criterion to establish if you’re scrolling with Instagram in one hand, consuming with the various other, and also hardly acting to pay attention to the discussion.

9. Switch to a Dumb Phone

Nokia 2780 Flip

Nokia 2780 Flip

There is another alternative to attempt: Downgrade from a smart device to a stupid phone. While the marketplace is controlled by big-screen, multimedia gadgets from Apple and also Samsung, an expanding fad has actually seen individuals acquisition inexpensive voice phones as a method to separate. And they’re economical. The Nokia 2780 Flip sets you back much less than $100.

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