PS VIRTUAL REALITY 2: procedure temptation in this brand-new trailer for Sony’s virtual reality headset

Things appear to be speeding up on the PlayStation virtual reality 2 side, Sony’s brand-new online fact headset, developed for the PS5. Indeed, considering that some media (handpicked) had the ability to check the tool throughout an occasion in London a couple of weeks back, the Japanese supplier chose to strike the public. It is because of this that we have actually simply been qualified to a brand-new trailer, 2″18 min long, which highlights both the technical innovations of the VR mask, but also offers images of the games that will accompany the accessory at the time of its release, or the weeks after. Display in 4K with HDR (2K per eye in reality), Eye-Tracking which will allow to have a direct impact with the games in their gameplay (one can for example choose a weapon in the wheel with a simple directed look), eye focus, 110 degree field of vision, finger detection on the joysticks, 3D audio for more sound immersion, haptic feedback, even at the level of the helmet, everything has been designed to make the experience even more immersive than the first PS VR. All that remains is to know the exact release date and its price. According to some analysts, taking into account the on-board components, the headset will cost between 450 and €600 Obviously it won’t be for everyone…


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