Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet lastly right a 16-year-old incorrect from Diamond as well as Pearl

Gengar sits on some stairs in Pokemon
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet include a throwback to a 16-year-old Diamond as well as Pearl meme followers have actually been salted concerning given that it initially stumbled them up.

Back in the day, heading to Snowpoint City in Diamond or Pearl indicated possibly stumbling throughout an NPC called Mindy. She’s ready to trade you a Haunter for a Medicham, which seems like a dang bargain as the Ghost-kind should advance right into Gengar when traded, right? Well, that’s usually the instance, however not right here, as Mindy’s Haunter is holding a product that stops them from progressing. What’s even worse, she openly (opens up in brand-new tab) puts salt in the injury as you stand there doing your ideal Psyduck acting. 

It’s an enormous technique that has actually hoodwinked young as well as old generations, as Mindy returned for Brilliant Diamond as well as Shining Pearl, tormenting a new generation of Pokemon trainers (opens up in brand-new tab)

Everyone is so salted concerning it that there’s an entire subreddit (opens up in brand-new tab) committed to cursing her name. 

While having fun Pokemon Scarlet or Violet, however, you’ll ultimately discover a harmless NPC in Levincia city that will certainly trade you a Haunter for a Pincurchin. If you choose to take them up on their deal, the ghost-type Pokemon will certainly advance right into a Gengar after being traded. The purchase might appear non-eventful if you don’t understand the back tale, though it’s provided alleviation to lots that have actually been enduring for several years because of Mindy’s betrayal.  

slaps_mindys_head_thats_how_you_trade_a_haunter from r/FuckMindy

Game Freak gets on a little a tear with Pokemon Scarlet as well as Violet when it pertains to recovery old-time sickness. Pokerus – a portmanteau of ‘Pokemon’ as well as ‘infection’ – is no place to be seen, suggesting that of the earliest training methods in guide has actually been healed. The game does consist of a track from Ed Sheeran, mind you, though followers have actually quickly arranged that out. 

The real star of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is an apathetic Gym Leader called Larry. 


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