Overwatch Sombra ARG nonetheless updating, although everyone knows what’s coming

Blizzard. Stop.


Overwatch followers proceed to dutifully pursue the leads thrown up by the Sombra ARG.

The newest happenings within the Ovewrwatch ARG had investigators anticipating a November 1 assault on the Lumerico.mx web site, which paid off within the type of inside mail discussing Sombra’s interference and a gradually-filling energy meter. Many gamers hoped Sombra could be formally revealed when the meter topped out, however it simply threw up one other mysterious message, pointing to one more web site.

You can learn extra about these Overwatch shenanigans on PC Gamer, however the brief model is: nothing occurred. Again.

Many prime Overwatch investigators appear to be fairly aggravated by the ARG now. It retains giving us countdowns and dropping breadcrumbs, a few of which have taken severe work to observe, however theese solely result in extra mysteries. There’s been no substantial new data from the ARG in months.

Of course, we’d most likely all be much more excited by this if we didn’t already know what’s occurring. Sombra leaked in October and again yesterday, however even when she hadn’t, the early phases of the ARG (which dates right back to July at least) gave away most of what we wanted to know: she’s a hacker from Mexico, affiliated with Talon, and the 23rd hero of Overwatch.

Heck, the primary point out of Sombra is on an in-game asset which was discovered earlier than the Overwatch beta. So you understand, tease away: aside from the reveal of her talents, which was at all times anticipated at BlizzCon this weekend, we’ve had every little thing we wished to find out about Sombra for months. Call us when one thing substantial occurs, possibly?