Overwatch Season three kicks off December 1, and it’s possible you’ll end up beginning in a distinct talent tier

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Overwatch Competitive Mode will get a shake up when Season three kicks off, however don’t fear – if you happen to’ve been demoted, it’s in all probability solely momentary.


Overwatch Season three will start on December 1, Blizzard has introduced.

That’s only one week after the conclusion of Overwatch Season 2 at midnight November 24, in response to group requests for shorter downtime between ranked seasons.

As traditional, Blizzard will probably be tweaking its programs with the launch of a brand new aggressive season, with the aim of avoiding the drastic modifications in talent ranking aggressive Overwatch gamers skilled between the primary two seasons.

In a publish on the Overwatch Battle.net boards, principal designer Scott Mercer defined that Blizzard received’t be fully resetting talent ranking between seasons.

“If we completely reset everyone’s Skill Rating (SR) at the start of a new season, then players of all skill levels would end up playing against each other and having poor quality matches until the system could reevaluate each player’s skill,” he wrote.

“Because of this, we don’t fully reset your SR when a new season begins, and instead use your SR from the previous season as a starting point. We’re leaning more towards trying to keep things fair rather than giving everyone a fresh start.”

That mentioned, there will probably be some modifications, and lots of Overwatch gamers can anticipate finding themselves in a distinct talent tier than they anticipated.

“We’re also going to initially tune your SR to be slightly lower to start. In turn, fewer players should start the season having their Skill Rating drastically drop despite having close to even wins and losses,” Mercer mentioned.

“This change will mean that some players will not start in the same tier for Season 3 that they were placed in for Season 2, and that your SR gains from winning will be a little higher at the beginning of the season. After you play enough matches, however, your SR gains and losses will go back to normal.”

These modifications are being examined on the Overwatch PTR proper now, and could also be tweaked earlier than they go dwell within the core construct. Blizzard has promised to let testers now effectively prematurely if it’ll reset the rankings.


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