News: Rocket League has made almost $50m, has over 8 million players

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Rocket League screenshot

Rocket League screenshot

Over 8 million people have played Psyonix’s ‘football with cars’ game Rocket League, the Wall Street Journal reports, generating a revenue of almost $50 million.

The PS4/PC game was given away as a freebie to PlayStation Plus members at launch, but has since been host to numerous premium DLC packs, including a Back to the Future pack introducing the famous time-travelling DeLorean.

The game is said to have cost “a little less than $2 million” to make.

Psyonix says it isn’t allowed to specify how many copies of the game were given away for free on PS4, but that it accounts for “several million” of the game’s downloads.

An Xbox One version is due to arrive early next year.