New Release – Maxwell Simons on 21st April 2022

Beat Machine Records presents Rua 29, the new release by the Milan based electronic producer Maxwell Simons. Rua 29 is both a physical and a virtual place. The artist brings together a bunch of diverse worldwide collaborations into a work of boundless energy. Shuttling between hard techno, footwork and bass, the artist added his own approach to chopping and editing samples, over a pad of arrhythmic drums and gutter beats.

Including artists such as the South African producer Big Space, LA based rapper Shamon Cassette, Buddy Leezle, the maverick Richi Rich and the unbridled remix of UK bass master Deft, Rua 29 creates a collective scenario where different characters find their home base.

BMR030 - Deft

BMR030 will be officially out on 21st April, 2022 via digital and 12” vinyl.

Beat Machine Records is an independent record label based in Milan, Italy. We dig into the world of underground music ranging from futuristic dance floor sounds to experimental jazz. Music expands with no limits, and we shine a light on its deeper ends.

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