If Overwatch Heroes had been Pokemon, that is what they’d appear to be

Flippybrit by no means forgets. Flippybrit by no means forgives. Watchemon descriptions rival that of Pokémon.

overwatch pokemon 2

Overwatch fan artwork is a factor. An enormous factor. You know what else is an enormous factor? Pokémon. And finally, the 2 worlds have collided in Watchemon.

Luna Apocalypse created the almighty mashup and it’s excellent.

Winston performs the a part of Professor Banana, asking you to spherical up Watchemon heroes.

The Watchedex consists of 48 heroes with numerous evolutions and the descriptions are as enjoyable and foolish because the heroes re-imagined kinds.

If you’re even barely acquainted with Overwatch, it’ll brighten up a dreary Monday afternoon.