Half-Life three had varied prototypes being labored on – one was an RTS, the opposite concerned dwell actors

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A brand new yr, and one other yr of questioning what the hell is occurring with Half-Life three.


There is admittedly nothing to new to report on the Half-Life three entrance, however an fascinating snippet of data has come to mild concerning what can certainly be thought of borderline vaporware at this level.

According to what Game Informer’s govt editor Andrew Reiner mentioned within the newestGame Informer Show podcast, the varied prototypes for Half-Life three vary from an journey sport to real-time technique (thanks, International Business Times).

Reiner mentioned whereas he was investigating a narrative on the sport, one developer offered some “legitimate information” on the varied prototypes, noting within the course of it was all a little bit of a “hot mess.”

“There were so many different prototypes being worked on by small teams of four or five people. It just never got off the ground,” in response to Reiner. “They mentioned two of the instructions they have been moving into: one was going to be an RTS sport for Half Life three or Episode Three, no matter they have been going to name it that modified the script.

“The different concerned dwell actors. It was going to be a brand new sort of journey motion sport with precise actors. Kind of like Night Trap, however far superior. Apparently they have been engaged on these items.”

He mentioned that different folks he reached out to “didn’t want to talk about it all,” which result in “dead end after dead end.”

You can take heed to this your self within the hyperlink to the video above, beginning across the four:10 minute mark.

We can speak for ages about what is known and what isn’t known about Half-Life three. But, we received’t. There doesn’t appear to be a lot level, however there may be at all times motive to maintain hope alive, we suppose.

If the sport is certainly nonetheless within the works, hopefully, Valve will launch it someday earlier than the rapture.