Devblog 96

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Bit late with this! Sorry. Ladder hatches are in. As well as adding floor frames, this now makes the game 666% more sinister. We’ve tweaked Proc Gen a little, and there’s more info on the upcoming XP and levelling system. Servers have also been wiped. Read all about it at the official site.[]

  • Added sounds for all the new building parts
  • Fixed cupboard gib errors
  • Item icons + data now build to the right folder
  • Removed cui.test
  • Network backend optimizations
  • New floor frames (grill and hatch)
  • Fixed water rendering error when screen size is reported as zero
  • Fixed warehouse floor decal
  • Reduced video memory overhead by 144 MB
  • All collectables now use the load balanced LOD system
  • Updated some remaining physics calls to the new Unity physics API
  • Removed a worst-case second raycast in the game trace code
  • Fixed foundation stair placement being blocked next to triangle foundations
  • Fixed triangle foundation placement being blocked beneath floors
  • Added building stability serialization (faster server restarts and stability refreshes)
  • Fixed potential signage NRE when server database was deleted
  • Tweaked distribution of rocks and bushes