Destiny 2 hearsay: November 2017 launch window, Bungie made a brand new engine from the bottom up

Destiny 2 rumours have been swirling round for months. Here’s one other one to throw on the pile.

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A sequel for Destiny has been confirmed and we know a few details about it already.

Guardians will probably be apparently be fighting the Cabal in the Tower, there will probably be a steady stream of content, and as nicely a little bit of a reboot we might even see the game come to PC.

Considering the quantity of data floating about within the ether already, it’s finest to take the newest hearsay with a pinch of salt, because it builds on what we already know, and could be a fantastic load of previous todgers.

Popping up over on Reddit, a person claims to have a supply at Bungie “within the Administrative ranks”.

According to Inside_Leaks, Destiny 2: Forge of hope goes to be the sequel’s title, though contemplating how the names of the expansions normally work, that appears to be an odd selection, but when they’re giving the sequence an overhaul, it’s not completely out of the query.

The story particulars are in step with what we’ve heard up to now, so once more, it wouldn’t be an excessive amount of of a stretch to flesh out the data.

“The sequel will closely concentrate on chronological occasions set after the Fall 2015 Expansion The Taken King. The cabal forces assault town leaving the civilians and mentors of the tower defenseless. It is the guardians job to struggle again the cabal and reclaim town.

“While doing so the guardian will uncover the lengthy misplaced tales of Queen Mara Sov and The Exo Strangers motives. The story will culminate with the tower and metropolis combating again the Cabal empire ensuing the guardian defeating the chief of the Cabal within the new Raid.”

The tipster echoes the plans for an everyday content material schedule, saying, “Bungie is planning to launch a considerable content material updates for every quarter (Similar to the April Update).

“Bungie have already got a small workforce engaged on the primary main enlargement to be launched in Fall 2018. Details are restricted however it’s aimed to be centred across the Vex and the Origins of Kabr and Praydeth.”

They proceed, “Bungie is scheduling for an event release every 1-2 months centering around a theme similar to Overwatch while also delivering new narrative paths and new game play mechanics.”

They additionally state that the overhaul will scrub any current Destiny characters, however that the “upside to this is the new release will have a more customization character creation including facial hair and class themed face paint and tattoos.”

We even get a launch date cited, so we’ve progressed from a pinch of salt to an entire bucket load.

Destiny 2: Forge of Hope is supposedly slated for a This fall 2017 launch with a window of November four – 18 if the OP is to be believed.

And lastly, the sport will probably be accessible on PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox Scorpio, and PC, with three editions to select from.

The primary version may have a pre-order bonus of some sort, the second may have the pre-order bonus in addition to an in-game beauty, and the third may have the pre-order bonus, in-game beauty and a “1:2 Scale of the Exo Strangers Relic of Necessity”.

That’s an enormous previous dump of information. Some of those factors have been lined beforehand, so once more, keep skeptical.

Does any of this sound authentic to you? Let us know your ideas within the feedback beneath.