Control will certainly be obtaining a big-budget follow up, Remedy validates

A small female figure holding a gun stands silhouetted against against a large area of concrete blocks, some floating, with a starscape above, in this screenshot from Control

Image: Remedy Entertainment/505 Games

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed that it’s servicing a follow up to its elegant science-fiction activity game Control for PlayStation 5, Windows COMPUTER, and also Xbox Series X.

The follow up is just at a very early idea phase, and also “it’ll take a while,” said series game director Mikael Kasurinen, “but to put it mildly, this is the most exciting project I’ve ever worked on.”

It’s rather well moneyed, also. Remedy stated that a €50 million “initial development budget” had actually been embeded in a co-development and also co-publishing contract with 505 Games, which released the initial game. Remedy will certainly release on computer, while 505 will certainly take care of the console launch. The game will certainly be integrated in the Finnish designer’s internal Northlight engine.

Last year, Remedy stated it was servicing both a multiplayer offshoot for Control and also “a bigger-budget Control game.” “I’m now proud to confirm that the bigger-budget Control game, also known as Codename Heron, is Control 2, a full-blown sequel,” stated Remedy president Tero Virtala.

Remedy is hectic, to state the least. Alongside both Control jobs, the workshop is servicing Alan Wake 2, a survival-horror follow up to its 2010 secret thriller; a free-to-play cooperative shooter co-published by Chinese titan Tencent; and also remakes of its first two Max Payne games for Rockstar. Most of these games’ launch days appear to be some means off, however.

Control was Polygon’s second favorite game of 2019. “Control offers a world that is seductive, powerful, and internally consistent, but developer Remedy Entertainment is able to stretch the tension of entering that world without any kind of instruction or illumination to its breaking point,” we stated at the time.


Source: Polygon

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