Apex Legends’ newest replace allows you to yeet a Mozambique

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Apex Legends gamers can now correctly categorical disgust on the battle royale’s most maligned weapon.

The Mozambique, a three-round shotgun pistol with all of the stopping energy of a cough, has lengthy been thought of the trashiest weapon in Apex Legends. Bare fists are typically extra dependable. The relentless pinging of “Mozambique here” soundtracks each drop. But towards requires buffs or alterations, Respawn held its floor – typically, weapons are allowed to be dangerous.

The developer isn’t with out a sense of humour. Senior designer Sean Slayback famously claimed that Respawn is glad to maintain “enjoying the memes” on Reddit earlier this yr. Now, Respawn is including a joke of its personal to the pile.

Most weapons in Apex Legends drop with an uninspiring thud. Standard stuff. But buying and selling out a Mozambique as of this week sees your legend pitching the shotgun straight out of the park in a hateful rage. A satisfying finish to what could be entire minutes of making an attempt to dump the game’s worst weapon.

Characters now toss the mozambique in a fit of rage when switching it out for another weapon from r/apexlegends

It seems prefer it’s gone down a deal with with followers. Anger over the standard Moze has simmered since launch, changed with an appreciation letting only one gun be a whole joke.

Yeeting a Moze throughout the map is only a small a part of Apex Legends’ Season 2 update. A brand new Limited Time Mode and streamlined Battle Pass hope to make up for a completely underwhelming first season.