Apex Legends weapons & weapons [August]: finest weapons, weapon stats, Apex Legends weapon tier record

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In case you’ve been out of the loop on Apex Legends information not too long ago, Season 2: Battle Charge dropped and introduced with it a variety of very vital modifications to the Apex Legends weapons roster as we all know it. We’ve now acquired 21 weapons at present on provide, every with their very own quirks, stats, spray patterns, and attachments – and everybody’s clamouring to determine how all of the weapons rank in opposition to each other now. But worry not! Our Apex Legends weapons & weapons information seeks to reply precisely that; and we’ll additionally stroll you thru every weapon in flip, with detailed stats and opinions on each single one.

If you’re in search of extra common ideas and tips on tips on how to enhance your Apex Legends abilities heading into Season 2, our Apex Legends tips/guide is one of the best place to begin. We’ve acquired high ideas for each stage of play, together with hyperlinks to different areas of our ever-expanding guides collection, from recommendations on enjoying as every of the Apex Legends characters to every little thing that’s altering with the Apex Legends Season 2 replace.

Apex Legends weapons & weapons information (August)

With all of the distinctive stats, behaviours, and attachments related to every of the Apex Legends weapons, there’s a good quantity to cowl – however when has that ever stopped us? Below we’ll stroll you thru each weapon at present within the game, with an up-to-date Apex Legends weapons tier record so you recognize precisely what one of the best weapons within the present meta are.

Apex Legends Weapons list (full stats, TTK, tips and strategies)
Apex Legends Aiming/Firing Basics – Frequently Asked Questions
Apex Legends Weapon Rankings Chart
Assault Rifles SMGs LMGs
Sniper Rifles Shotguns Pistols

Apex Legends weapons (full stats, TTK, ideas and methods)

If you’re extra taken with stepping into the nitty-gritty for a particular weapon such because the Wingman, or the Peacekeeper (or maybe the newly launched L-Star EMG?) then simply click on on any of the hyperlinks under to go over to our particular person weapon guides. These pages go into rather more element about particular person stats for every weapon, from harm per second (DPS) and hearth price to the time-to-kill (TTK) in opposition to enemies carrying completely different ranges of armour and helmets.

Assault Rifles SMGs/LMGs Shotguns Snipers Pistols
VK-47 Flatline Alternator Mozambique G7 Scout P2020
Havoc Prowler Peacekeeper Longbow DMR RE-45 Auto
Hemlok R-99 EVA-8 Auto Triple Take Wingman
R-301 Carbine M600 Spitfire Mastiff Kraber .50-CAL
L-Star EMG

Apex Legends weapons information – regularly requested questions

Weapons and bullets in Apex Legends work somewhat in a different way from different battle royale games equivalent to PUBG and Fortnite. I do know a number of persons are going to be asking the under questions, so I’ll simply undergo them rapidly now:

  • Are any of the weapons hitscan? – Just the one.
    • Unlike Fortnite, there may be usually no hitscan in Apex Legends. All bullets have a journey time, it doesn’t matter what gun they’re fired from. So you do want to steer together with your aiming for longer ranges. The solely exception is the Havoc, whose single-shot beam is hitscan.
  • Is there bullet drop? – Yes.
    • Fire some bullets into the gap with any gun and also you’ll see that ultimately they’ll drop. The bullet pace (and subsequently the quantity of drop) is variable between weapons.
  • Is there harm drop-off? – …Not within the conventional sense, no. Except in a single case.
    • Unlike Fortnite or PUBG, there’s no direct discount in harm relying on how far a bullet travels. Even a shotgun pellet will hit for max harm over nice distances; however in fact, you’ll by no means hit a distant goal with a couple of pellet at a time. However, there’s a most level (which differs for every gun) after which headshots now not deal bonus headshot harm, and are handled similar to a shot to the physique.
      The Havoc’s single-shot beam is, once more, the one exception to this rule, with the beam dealing much less harm the additional it has to journey.
  • Does every gun have a predictable spray sample? – Yes.
    • Much like CS:GO, a big a part of studying tips on how to play effectively with every weapon in Apex Legends is studying the spray sample of every gun. A great way to do that is to fireplace at a wall and see from the bullet holes the path the gun pulls you in, and carry out the other motion together with your mouse to counteract the sample whereas firing. In the tables under you’ll see I’ve added hyperlinks to screenshots of the spray patterns of every gun, so you possibly can discover ways to counteract it.
  • Is there purpose drift? – Yes.
    • Aim down sights with any gun in Apex Legends, and after a second your purpose will begin to sway and shift round routinely, making it tougher to land your photographs over longer distances. There is a short second of stillness the second you first purpose down sights (the period of this “no aim drift window” varies from weapon to weapon) so it’s all to encourage fast aiming and capturing, and faster-paced gunplay usually. You can equip Stock attachments to lots of Apex Legends’ weapons, which is able to reduce the purpose drift you expertise. For extra info on this, take a look at our detailed Apex Legends attachments information.
  • Do completely different weapons scale back motion in numerous methods? – Yes.
    • No matter what gun you’re holding you’ll at all times transfer and run on the identical pace with out aiming down sights. But whereas aiming down sights, your motion pace is diminished by a certain amount relying on the gun you’re utilizing. See the tables under for extra particulars on this.
  • Does taking harm gradual you down? – Yes.
    • Taking harm from any weapon (not only a Heavy Rounds weapon, which many gamers appear to imagine is the case) will trigger a really temporary slowdown, which is compounded whenever you take harm from many bullets in a brief area of time. This is why studying to successfully “A/D strafe” or “dance” round throughout a battle is so vital. However, with the Season 2 patch notes, Gibraltar and Caustic’s “Fortified” Passive permits them to now not undergo from the gradual results of weapon hearth.

Apex Legends weapon tier record (Season 2) – finest weapons to worst weapons

Below I’ve created a useful chart of our rankings of each gun in Apex Legends inside their weapon class for Season 2. If you’re struggling to become familiar with which weapons to take over which others, I’d advocate conserving this chart on a second monitor or printing it out, and refer again to it everytime you want.

I’ve tried to bear in mind the ability ranges of every weapon in addition to their dependency upon attachments. If you want, consider it as a measure of which gun I’d decide up at first of a match with none attachments, making an allowance for the opportunity of augmenting it with attachments in a while.

Apex Legends weapon tier list of best guns [August]

Now, let’s get caught into how we happened these rankings, by taking an in-depth take a look at each weapon’s stats and behaviours in flip. Click on any of the weapons’ names to be directed to our devoted information for that weapon (sure, we’ve one for each gun; no, I would not have a life).

Assault Rifles – Apex Legends weapons & stats

Name Havoc VK-47 Flatline Hemlok Burst AR R-301 Carbine
Spray Pattern
Ammo Energy Ammo Heavy Rounds Heavy Rounds Light Rounds
Mag Size 24 20 18 18
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 3.20s/3.20s 2.40s/3.10s 2.40s/2.80s 2.40s/3.20s
DPS 201.6 190 108 189
Body/Head/Leg DMG 18/36/13.5 19/38/14.25 18/36/13.5
(Per Burst: 54/108/40.5)
Fire Rate (SPS) 11.2 (1.7 in single-shot mode) 10 15 (6 together with downtime between bursts) 13.5
Att. Slots Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Mag, Optic, Stock Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock
Modes Auto, Single (with Hop-Up) Single, Auto Single, Burst (3-shot) Single, Auto
Projectile Speed 30500 26000 27500 29000
Draw Time 0.60s 0.60s 0.60s 0.60s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS pace)
50% 50% 50% 50%


The first gun to be added to Apex Legends after its launch, the Havoc is a difficult gun to make up your thoughts about. Like the Prowler SMG, it’s made or damaged by whether or not it has a Hop-Up; however within the Havoc’s case you possibly can select both the Turbocharger, which eliminates the wind-up time earlier than it begins firing in full-auto, or the Selectfire Receiver, which lets you cost up single-shot hitscan laser photographs (which makes the Havoc the one hitscan gun at present in Apex Legends). Bear in thoughts, nonetheless, that you may’t connect each Hop-Ups without delay, so it’s important to select.

Hint: use the Turbocharger, at all times.

The single-shot mode I discover doesn’t deal sufficient harm per shot to justify spending 4 Energy ammo per shot, even after the buffs to break it acquired with the 1.1.1 replace. And whereas the truth that it’s hitscan may trick you into considering it’s simpler to land photographs, it’s truly tougher because of the charge-up time between pulling the set off and the gun truly firing.

But in full-auto, it’s a fast-firing AR that offers whopping harm as soon as it will get going – so long as you possibly can deal with the very excessive vertical recoil. The huge draw back is the wind-up time earlier than it begins capturing, which makes the Turbocharger an actual necessity. With the Turbocharger, it dishes out the best DPS of any Assault Rifle, however with that top recoil that you may’t mitigate with a Barrel Stabiliser attachment.

VK-47 Flatline

The VK-47 Flatline was at all times overshadowed by its friends. It had stats throughout the board, however an unpleasantly excessive horizontal recoil meant everybody would alway abandon it for an R-301 every time the chance offered itself. Now, with Season 2, the Flatline’s harm has been fairly considerably elevated from 16 to 19, providing you with extra motive to choose it up than ever earlier than. Even so, I’d nonetheless desire an excellent previous R-301 for its reliability and pace.


The Hemlok Burst AR is – you guessed it – a burst weapon, firing Three bullets in extraordinarily fast succession, which implies in case you’re correct with them you possibly can deal over 100 harm within the area of about 0.2 seconds. Many gamers desire to make use of the single-shot mode of the Hemlok and click on quickly to ship an excellent larger price of fireside over time. Either approach this punchy rifle has the flexibility to tear aside your enemies with the its very excessive damage-per-shot, which equals the Havoc and exceeds that of some other computerized weapon in Apex Legends apart from the Spitfire.

Still, gamers will often quit the Hemlok for a Carbine.

R-301 Carbine

The R-301 Carbine is one of the best AR on provide in the meanwhile (or a minimum of on par with a Turbocharged Havoc), buying and selling a bit of injury for a quicker price of fireside and a neater trip usually. Low recoil and a excessive bullet pace makes the Carbine glorious at most ranges (it could possibly even be used to nice impact at lengthy vary in case you change to single-shot mode) and with an excellent prolonged magazine, barrel, and inventory, it’s like there’s no recoil in any respect on this lovely bastard of a gun.

SMGs – Apex Legends weapons & stats

Name Alternator SMG R-99 Prowler Burst PDW
Spray Pattern
Ammo Light Rounds Light Rounds Heavy Rounds
Mag Size 16 18 20
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 1.90s/2.23s 1.80s/2.45s 2.00s/2.60s
DPS 150 216 122.78
Body/Head/Leg DMG 15/22/12
(36/54/27 with
Disruptor Rounds)
12/18/9.6 14/21/11.2
Fire Rate (SPS) 10 18 20 (8.77 together with downtime between bursts)
Att. Slots Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up
Modes Auto Auto Burst (5-shot)
Projectile Speed 19500 21000 18000
Draw Time 0.35s 0.35s 0.35s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS pace)
86% 86% 86%


The Alternator was once one of many worst weapons within the game, however Season 2 utterly modified all that. Its excessive recoil is now mitigated extra by Barrel attachments, and it offers a pair extra factors of injury than earlier than – however the huge change is the brand new Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up for the Alternator (and RE-45), which buffs the Alternator’s harm in opposition to shields proper up. For a time, with the Disruptor Hop-Up, the Alternator was fairly definitely probably the most highly effective gun in Apex Legends; now the Hop-Up impact is barely extra modest, however the gun itself continues to be a game-winner for certain this Season.


Prior to Season 2, the R-99 was far and away the strongest SMG (and for a lot of the strongest gun) in Apex Legends – and, with the regular nerfs to the once-OP Alternator, this seems to be the case as soon as once more. This is thanks primarily to the R-99’s peerless hearth price, which lets you hearth off a complete spherical in a single second. However, you really want the accompanying attachments to make this gun sing in your arms, as a result of the default magazine dimension is so small, and the excessive recoil makes it tough to make use of at something aside from super-short vary.


This punchy burst SMG is… alright… till you handle to get your arms on an accompanying Selectfire Receiver Hop-Up attachment, after which it turns into one in every of Apex Legends’ strongest weapons. Without this, it packs a punch with each 5-shot burst particularly in case you purpose for the pinnacle/neck space, however you race via your ammo all of the quicker for it, and the general reliability of the gun falls brief in comparison with an R-99.

But in case you handle to seek out the Hop-Up, then the Prowler will completely shred at shut and even medium vary – significantly in case you get an excellent prolonged magazine on it too. Occasionally I discover it’s value taking a Hop-Up-less Prowler even over an excellent R-99 or Alternator, just because if I can discover a Selectfire Receiver and Heavy Mag in a while, I’ll have an excellent contender for deadliest gun within the game.

LMGs (Light Machine Guns) – Apex Legends weapons & stats

Name L-Star EMG Devotion M600 Spitfire
Spray Pattern
Ammo Unique Energy Ammo Heavy Rounds
Mag Size 40 (x3) 36 35
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 3.26s/3.26s 2.80s/3.63s 2.80s/3.33s
DPS 252 255 162
Body/Head/Leg DMG 21/42/17 17/34/12.75 18/36/16.2
Fire Rate (SPS) 12 15 (at max) 9
Att. Slots N/A Barrel, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock
Modes Auto (Overheat) Auto (Wind-Up) Auto
Projectile Speed 18000 33500 27500
Draw Time 0.70s 0.70s 0.70s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS pace)
41% 41% 41%


The Devotion at all times holds a spot close to the highest of many gamers’ rankings of all of the weapons in Apex Legends, resulting from its stupendous hearth price and DPS. However, you really want the Turbocharger Hop-Up attachment to make it shine, which reduces the gun’s sizeable warm-up interval after you begin firing. Without it, the Devotion shouldn’t be a gun to depend on whenever you’re defending in opposition to close-range attackers, as a result of by the point you turn and get the hearth price as much as a good normal, you’ll doubtless already be useless.

Another draw back is that it eats via your Energy Ammo, which is usually briefly provide anyway until you’re fortunate together with your looting and killing. So in case you take it, ensure you talk together with your teammates to present you as a lot Energy Ammo as potential.

M600 Spitfire

The Spitfire is likely one of the weapons that Respawn noticed match to nerf barely within the 1.1.1 patch notes (learn extra about all of the modifications with our Apex Legends update patch notes information), despite the fact that it was at all times meant to be a really highly effective and uncommon pickup. Its base harm has now been diminished to solely simply exceed the Devotion’s, and whereas its base journal dimension stays untouched its prolonged magazine sizes have been diminished. But regardless of that, it nonetheless has the potential to have the biggest journal of any gun in Apex Legends, and it’s a dependable and punchy computerized weapon so long as you possibly can grasp the kickback (which by the way is dramatically decreased by an excellent Barrel Stabiliser).

L-Star EMG

The L-Star has lastly been launched with Season 2: Battle Charge, and it’s a hell of a gun. A quick price of fireside and really excessive damage-per-shot places its DPS on par with a Devotion, however with out the annoying warm-up interval earlier than firing. It’s additionally acquired a better magazine dimension and bigger bullets, permitting you to hit your goal barely extra simply with this powerhouse LMG.

The downsides to the L-Star are its rarity (it’s solely out there in airdrops), its restricted provide of distinctive ammo, and (most significantly) the inclusion of an overheating mechanic which locks you out of firing in case you shoot too usually in a brief area of time. Feather the set off to fireplace bursts of Eight at a time, and also you’ll be capable to soften gamers with out having to fret about your gun immediately failing on you.

Snipers (Sniper Rifles) – Apex Legends weapons & stats

Name G7 Scout Longbow DMR Triple Take Kraber .50 CAL
Ammo Light Rounds Heavy Rounds Energy Ammo Unique
Mag Size 10 6 5 4
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 2.40s/3.00s 2.66s/3.66s 2.60s/3.40s 3.20s/4.30s
DPS 135 88 86.25 145
Body/Head/Leg DMG 30/60/27 55/110/49.5 23/46/20.7
Fire Rate (SPS) 4.5 1.6 1.25 0.47
Att. Slots Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock Barrel, Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up Mag, Optic, Stock, Hop-Up None
Modes Single Single Single (3-shot unfold) Single
Projectile Speed 31500 30500 32000 29500
Draw Time 0.60s 0.90s 0.90s 1.20s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS pace)
36% 36% 36% 36%

G7 Scout

The G7 Scout is an underutilised and surprisingly versatile sniper rifle, in a position to carry out effectively at lengthy, medium and even shut vary (although clearly not in addition to one thing constructed for the job, like a Peacekeeper or an R-99). It offers much less harm than its fellow snipers, however has a really excessive price of fireside and advantages rather more from prolonged magazine attachments, so pre-firing with this weapon is a bit of cake.

The 1.1.1 replace blessed the sniper rifles class (minus the Kraber) with elevated leg shot harm (in order to not penalise long-range capturing) and diminished weapon sway, which means a Stock is even much less needed than it was earlier than for these weapons. Check out all the newest patch notes over on our Apex Legends update patch notes web page.

Longbow DMR

Oh me, oh my, the Longbow is powerful now. In addition to the above modifications, the Longbow acquired a large enhance to its price of fireside (its major disadvantage earlier than) and an elevated journal dimension. It was already a weapon able to knocking your enamel out from 250 metres away, and now the Longbow is extra viable than ever. Before it was severely outmatched by the faster and rather more versatile Wingman, however now we’re more likely to see an amazing many extra Longbow gamers taking this in the direction of the endgame.

Triple Take

It took me an excellent lengthy whereas, however I’m actually beginning to just like the Triple Take. Unique and versatile, it may be used to nice impact at shut vary as a makeshift shotgun, and it’s a implausible mid-range selection in case you slap a 3x scope on it. Its three-shot unfold makes longer-range photographs tougher – till you get a Precision Choke Hop-Up attachment for it, after which you’ll be able to cost every shot as much as scale back the unfold dramatically. It’s nonetheless not perfect, as a result of it slows down the speed of fireside (despite the fact that the Choke tightening pace has been elevated with Season 2), and a Precision Choke ought to at all times go to a Peacekeeper first earlier than a Triple Take. And what’s extra, now that the Longbow has acquired such a considerable buff I’d in all probability take the Longbow for my long-range sharpshooting each time.

Kraber .50-CAL

One of two legendary weapons in Apex Legends, the Kraber takes no attachments, and sports activities its personal distinctive ammo – which means you solely get Eight photographs, full cease. But it’s a phenomenally highly effective bolt-action sniper which has grow to be much more highly effective because of the Season 2 patch notes. With this gun, a legshot will deal 100+ harm, and a headshot will deal 200.

Shotguns – Apex Legends weapons & stats

Name EVA-8 Auto Peacekeeper Mozambique Shotgun Mastiff Shotgun
Spread Pattern
Ammo Shotgun Shells Shotgun Shells Shotgun Shells Unique
Mag Size 8 6 3 4
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 2.75s/3.00s 2.50s/3.50s 2.10s/2.60s 1.03s/1.70s
DPS 126 106.7 99 187.2
Body/Head/Leg DMG 7/10/5.6
Hammerpoint Rounds:
Fire Rate (SPS) 2 0.97 2.2 1.3
Att. Slots Optic, Bolt Optic, Bolt, Hop-Up Optic, Bolt, Hop-Up None
Modes Auto Single Auto Single
Projectile Speed 16000 16000 10000 12000
Draw Time 0.45s 0.45s 0.45s 0.45s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS pace)
91% 91% 100% 91%

EVA-8 Auto

Probably probably the most forgiving shotgun in Apex Legends, a startlingly quick price of fireside is what units the EVA-8 Auto aside from the remainder. Its harm per shot can’t compete with that of the Peacekeeper, however the EVA’s flexibility lets you get in additional photographs than your opponent, usually successful you the battle.


The Peacekeeper has at all times been one of the best Shotgun in Apex Legends, aside from the Supply Drop-only Mastiff. Fantastic harm in a big unfold sample, a Hop Up which dramatically will increase its efficient vary, amazingly ammo-efficient… It’s no surprise the devs nerfed it with the 07 March patch notes (learn all in regards to the steadiness modifications on our Apex Legends update patch notes web page), rising its general rarity throughout the map, and nerfing the hearth price enhance supplied by its Shotgun Bolt attachment. But even so, that is for certain probably the most highly effective Shotgun you may get your arms on exterior of the Gold tier of weapons.


Oh, my. Even after we have been promised the Mozambique would grow to be extra viable in Season 2, I don’t suppose anybody anticipated it to grow to be so robust. It’s nonetheless acquired all of the ickiness it had earlier than – simply Three photographs earlier than having to reload being the principle downside), however now you possibly can equip a Hammerpoint Rounds attachment to the Mozambique to double the harm of every of its pellets in opposition to unshielded targets. With this Hop-Up, you possibly can one-shot an unarmoured enemy. I nonetheless wouldn’t put it above a Peacekeeper, however the Mozambique is definitely now not the joke it as soon as was.


The different legendary weapon in Apex Legends, the Mastiff comes with its personal distinctive shotgun shells, which means you’ll solely ever get 20 photographs with this colossal weapon. But it’s by far probably the most highly effective of all of the shotguns at close-range, dealing a whopping 36 harm with every of the eight bullets it fires with each pull of the set off. That makes for a possible 288 harm in a single burst.

Pistols – Apex Legends weapons & stats

Name P2020 RE 45 Auto Wingman
Spray Pattern
Ammo Light Rounds Light Rounds Heavy Rounds
Mag Size 10 15 4
Tactical Reload/Full Reload 1.25s/1.25s 1.74s/2.12s 2.10s/2.10s
DPS 110.5 143 117
Body/Head/Leg DMG 13/19.5/11.7
(37/56/33.Three with
Hammerpoint Rounds)
(19/28/17 with
Disruptor Rounds)
Fire Rate (SPS) 8.5 13 2.6
Att. Slots Mag, Optic, Hop-Up Barrel, Mag, Optic, Hop-Up Mag, Optic, Hop-Up
Modes Single Auto Single
Projectile Speed 18500 19500 18000
Draw Time 0.25s 0.25s 0.25s
ADS Movement Speed
(% of non-ADS pace)
100% 95% 100%


The Wingman was at all times meant to be a top-tier weapon, however its dominance has been so clear-cut that it has to date acquired two main nerfs to carry it extra according to the remainder. The 1.1.1 replace dramatically diminished this highly effective hand cannon’s journal dimension to 4/6/8/10 (with prolonged mags), which means you really want to hit your photographs if you wish to succeed with this weapon.

It’s nonetheless a completely deadly gun, significantly in case you discover an Epic Extended Magazine to go alongside it (the Hop-Up is good however not a necessity in my ebook), however with the brand new buffs to the sniper rifle class, we would truly begin seeing fewer gamers conserving the Wingman to the top of the game. But then once more, as a pistol it gives glorious ADS motion pace that snipers can’t hope to compete with, so it actually relies upon by yourself desire.


The P2020 used to occupy the very lowest portion of the Apex Legends weapons energy curve alongside the Mozambique, however now each weapons have risen from the ashes. The P2020 can now be augmented with a Hammerpoint Rounds Hop-Up which dramatically will increase the gun’s harm in opposition to unshielded targets. The P2020’s downfall was at all times low harm, however with Hammerpoint Rounds it could possibly outperform a Wingman with its pace and accuracy over medium distances.

RE-45 Auto

The RE-45 may be regarded as a mini R-99. Very fast-firing, however low damage-per-shot and a really low magazine dimension for an computerized weapon. The RE-45 was at all times one of many weaker weapons since Apex Legends’ launch, however Respawn have taken steps to buff the RE-45, similar to the P2020, the Mozambique, and the Alternator) by giving it the Disruptor Rounds Hop-Up. Now, there are few weapons that may shred shields like an RE-45 can, and it’s became a really viable close-range weapon to take all the best way to the top of a match.


Hopefully this has given you an thought of what to anticipate it doesn’t matter what weapon you decide up in your subsequent Apex Legends match of Season 2. But that’s not all we’ve to supply! Check out our Apex Legends loadout information for high-level ideas and methods on placing collectively the proper mixture of weapons to deal with your each want.