Ace Combat 7: sales remain to expand, the greatest success of the legend

We’ve understood for some time: Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown is the greatest hit in the franchise business. As quickly as the game was launched, the title developed itself as a business success and also the numerous DLCs launched in the last few years have actually added to making it a long-seller. A year after disclosing to us that 3 million duplicates had actually been marketed, Bandai Namco Entertainment notifies us that sales have actually remained to proceed throughout the year 2022. It is currently 4 million duplicates that have actually been sold. , no question additionally many thanks to the DLC “Top Gun Maverick” which permitted the game to take advantage of an amazing limelight and also to make gamers wish to take themselves for Tom Cruise. Obviously, all eyes get on the future and also a feasible Ace Combat 8, definitely under growth in the workshops of Project Aces.


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