35MM 4K Gallery: a bleak tour of post-apocalypse Russia

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35MM is an atmospheric walking simulator (and you can run too!) that brings back memories of playing the STALKER games.

Like the STALKER games, this has shining moments of atmosphere and immersion, with a soundtrack that even recalls Tarkovsky’s masterpiece. Playing 35MM can feel fairly tedious though, especially when you are running around trying to find the one tiny object a puzzle requires.

Combat is limited to a few small spats and has little depth to it. The game is linear but allows you some exploration. Still, there are a lot of invisible walls that will box you in to stay on the path. In my opinion, 35MM is worth it for its immersive feeling and atmosphere. Right now, the game is available in a bundle at Indiegala.

To take these pics at 4K, I had to edit the registry info. For this method, go to Start > Run > regedit. Navigate from there to HKEY_USERS(long number sequence)SoftwareNSS35MM.

The values to be changed are:

Save_res_h (1080)
Save_res_w (1920)
Save_res_str (1920 x 1080)
Screenmanager Resolution Height (1080)
Screenmanager Resolution Width (1920)

You can double click to change values, and be sure to change from hexadecimal to Decimal to enter your value (ie. “1920” to “3840”) and so on.

I’ve also released a SweetFX preset, here.

You can download the full gallery here.