No Man's Sky Interceptor release

No Man’s Sky Interceptor Update – version 4.2

In Update 4.2 for No Man’ Sky, venture into forsaken Sentinel worlds, battle new robotic guardians, hijack Sentinel technology, steal ships, and uncover hidden resources. Expand your fleet with salvaged Sentinel Interceptors and explore corrupted planets to discover new buildings, equipment, and secrets.

Key Features of Update 4.2

  • Salvaged Interceptors: Collect procedurally-generated Sentinel Interceptor starships to expand your fleet.
  • Corrupted Planets: Explore corrupted worlds filled with dark crystals and twisted robot guardians.
  • Movable Wrist Projectors: Customize the position of high-tech projector interfaces in VR.
  • Interceptor Variety: Encounter hundreds of procedurally-generated Sentinel ships.
  • Corrupted Sentinels: Battle warped Sentinel machines with devastating flamethrowers and long-distance explosives.
  • Aeron Turbojet: Uncover plans for unique Sentinel jetpack customization on corrupted worlds.
  • Interceptor Cockpit: Experience the universe from the perspective of a Sentinel Interceptor.
  • Harvest The Corruption: Collect anomalous crystals and harvest resources from defeated Sentinel forces.
  • Sentinel Ship Technology: Power Interceptor ships with unique Sentinel components and abilities.
  • Improved Sentinel Quads: Enhanced animations and pathfinding for Sentinel quadruped combat units.
  • Crashed Interceptors: Locate crashed Interceptor ships and add them to your fleet through new missions.
  • Corrupted World Nexus Mission: Team up with others to destroy corrupted Sentinels and their foul machinery.
  • Robotic Curiosities: Uncover the connection between robotic anatomy and the crystalline power on corrupted planets.
  • Sentinel Multi-tools: Discover two unique Multi-Tools built from scraps of Sentinel machinery.
  • Swarming Quadrupeds: Face off against aggressive swarms of corrupted Sentinel spawns.
  • Salvaging Mission: Repair and modify crashed Interceptors with specialized materials and guidance.
  • Sentinel Capital Ship Battles: Damage and destroy Sentinel capital ships for high-value rewards.

Other changes

  • Hostile Sentinel interceptor starships are now procedurally generated.
  • Players can locate, repair, and claim crashed Sentinel interceptors.
  • Sentinel Quadrupeds have improved locomotion and combat abilities.
  • Corrupted Sentinel drones have new visual styles and intelligent behaviors.
  • Corrupted worlds feature unique planetary Sentinel forces, resources, and objects.
  • New missions and player titles available for battling corrupted Sentinels.

Happy gaming!

We will continue to release patches as issues are identified and resolved. If you experience any issues, let us know by submitting a bug report.