Latest P Update Features Free Cosmetics, Bug Fixes, and Enhanced Combat in Game

Lies of P released back in September and ended up being a Soulslike preferred among doubters and followers alike this year – we provided it among our greatest ratings of 2023 and you can review why in Game Informer’s Lies of P review. To commemorate the game’s function, supervisor Jiwon Choi launched a Director’s Letter video clip previously this month to tease some images of Lies of P’s DLC and expose information concerning a future upgrade. That upgrade is currently out and it consists of complimentary cosmetic things, some pest solutions, and equilibrium modifications that ought to make the game much easier. 

Plus, along with this upgrade, designer Neowiz has actually formally launched the Lies of P soundtrack; it’s offered for acquisition on Steam for $9.99 and strikes electronic songs streaming systems later on today. 

Here’s what’s brand-new in Update Version

New Features and Content

The complying with outfit items have actually been included in Lies of P and can be located in the “Equipment” and “Bag” food selection:

  • Alchemist’s Hat
  • Treasure Hunter’s Mask
  • Treasure Hunter’s Hunting Apparel
  • Illusory Emerald Glasses

There is a brand-new classification in the Costume food selection; gamers can currently gear up the “Mask” and “Accessory” with each other in the Hair area of the Costume food selection. Short grey hair has actually been included in the game and is offered at Geppetto’s Tools after finishing the game when. Plus, caption dimension changes have actually been included in Lies of P. 

Balance and Content Improvements

Today’s upgrade readjusts the assault rate of some beasts to make their assaults a lot more user-friendly and enhances the period of position breaks for some beasts. Plus, it readjusts the generate areas of some beasts and catches to fit much better with the circulation of the game. And, as formerly exposed in the current Director’s Letter video clip, the P-Organ’s “Rising Dodge” capacity is currently a default capacity. “Retain Guard Regain upon Pulse Cell use” has actually been included in the P-Organ to change “Rising Dodge.” 


The complying with battle equilibrium changes have actually been made also

  • Increased the damages of some tools.
  • Increased some tools to set off position breaks to beasts a lot more often.
  • Now reasonably lighter Blades will certainly obtain a lot more ‘Guard Regain’, while much heavier Blades gain much less ‘Guard Regain’.
  • Decreased the hold-up after a strike and the moment to bill a ‘Charge Attack’ for some hefty takes care of.
  • Now some much heavier takes care of will certainly have a faster assault rate relying on the put together blade.
  • Adjusted the ‘Destruction Damage’ brought upon to beasts by a ‘Perfect Guard’.
  • The tool ‘Puppet’s Saber Blade’ will certainly currently have actually boosted statistics after boosting.
  • Increased the activity range while making use of the ‘Proof of Humanity’ tool’s assault ability.
  • Increased the damages decrease price while protecting the tool ‘Etiquette’ yet lowered the myth’s fee quantity for a collection amount of time when striking.
  • Enhanced the assault monitoring device after efficiently executing the Fable Arts, ‘Guard Parry’.
  • Increased the damages enthusiast of ‘Bell of Provocation’ to the gamer.
  • “The Attribute Status Ailments will certainly currently pile quicker for the complying with Fable Arts:
  • – ‘Thunderstrike’
  • – ‘Flamestrike’
  • – ‘Acid Slash'”
  • Increased the damages of Fatal Attacks to much better range with the gamers statistics.
  • Increased the assault distance and monitoring device of the Legion Arm, ‘Aegis III – Counter Charge’.
  • The columns in the ‘Kill King’s Flame, Fuoco’s space will certainly currently just be ruined by Fuoco’s Fury Attacks.

Two brand-new things have actually been included in Polendina’s Shop: 2 even more Quartz can be acquired throughout the beginning of the game. After increasing the buy the very first time, one added Quartz can be acquired. After increasing the store a 3rd time, 2 added Full Moonstone of the Covenant can be acquired. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an insect that in some cases created the personality to fire right into the skies while making use of the Legion Arm ‘Puppet String III – Attack Link’.
  • Fixed an insect while continually pushing the guard switch throughout the Guard position Legion Arm ‘Aegis’ would certainly set off Perfect Guards every single time.
  • Fixed an insect that enabled some tools to execute Perfect Guards accidentally.
  • Fixed an insect that created some Electric Blitz assaults to be unguardable despite Perfect Guards or Guard Parry.
  • Fixed an insect in which the Guard Regain would certainly not reset after executing an effective counter-attack with the tool Two Dragons Sword’s fee assault.
  • Fixed an insect in which arrowheads terminated from catches can not be protected.
  • Fixed an insect in which the ‘Monnphase Pocket Watch’ can be made use of throughout employer battles.
  • Fixed an insect in which assaults from some beasts would certainly not sign up properly to the gamer personality.
  • Fixed an insect in which the P-Organ capacity ‘Naturally recuperates Durability of non-active tools’ lowered the tool’s toughness while non-active throughout particular circumstances.
  • Fixed an insect in which having the P-Organ ‘Lower Damage while Dodging’ triggered and a certain Amulet outfitted would certainly set off the gamer’s endurance gain back earlier than meant.
  • Fixed an insect in which the departed NPC ‘Belle’ at the ‘Attacked Hotel Krat’.
  • Fixed an insect in which gamers had the ability to extraordinarily come close to particular locations of the map.
  • Adjusted the Camera Rotation rate while making use of controllers to be not influenced by the framerate.
  • (Specific for Asian Regions) PS4 Controller Settings Resetting Issue has actually currently been repaired and can be conserve despite the PS4’s system setups.
  • Updated some translations and typos for the complying with languages:
    • ‘English’
    • ‘Chinese’
    • ‘Japanese’
  • Updated a typo in the in-game EULA.
  • Improved game security and insects connected to in-game UI.

And that’s every little thing in Lies of P’s Update Versio

For a lot more concerning the game, read Game Informer’s Lies of P review and after that take a look at Game Informer’s Lies of P Soulslike tips, tricks, secrets, and more to aid Pinocchio endure Krat in Lies of P. After that, review just how a September Lies of P update included various changes to make the game easier

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