Type to Yourself: How to Enable Haptic Keyboard Feedback on Your apple iphone

Apple went down a multitude of brand-new attributes onto our apples iphone with the launch of iOS 16. Most individuals will certainly concentrate on customizing their lock screen or un-sending messages. Some individuals might likewise be inhabited attempting to find out why their brand-new iPhone 14 Pro buzzes when making use of social networks (make certain you upgrade to iphone 16.0.2).

But the obscure Haptic Keyboard Feedback attribute, which includes haptic responses to your key-board when you key in Apple’s brand-new mobile OS, is likewise deserving of interest.

While Android phones have actually had this attribute for several years, apple iphone customers—and also those around them—have actually expanded familiar with the acquainted clicking audio as they kind on their tool. (You’ve possibly heard it on TikTok.) However, if you intend to maintain your phone quiet without shedding that attesting responses as you kind, below’s just how to include haptic responses to your apple iphone key-board.

How to Enable Haptic Keyboard Feedback

haptic keyboard settings

Apple’s iphone 16 might have presented a quieter Haptic Feedback for your key-board, yet the modern technology is not brand-new to some apple iphone customers. Introduced in 2015 with the apple iphone sixes, 3D Touch exposed added alternatives or commands (and also a haptic action) with a long-press.

You can activate haptic responses through Settings > Sounds & Haptics > Keyboard Feedback. Then toggle Haptic to on so you can “feel” the tricks as you kind them. While you’re in this menu, you can also disable the Sound feedback to get rid of the clicking noise when you type.

Does Haptic Keyboard Feedback Affect Battery Life?

While there haven’t been any widespread reports of Haptic Keyboard feedback significantly impacting iPhone battery life, Apple does warn in its support page fine print that it could happen. “Turning on keyboard haptics might affect the battery life of your iPhone,” it says.

Time will tell if enabling Haptic Keyboard Feedback will drain an iPhone battery faster than any of the other iOS 16 bells and whistles, but disabling vibrate settings is one way to save on iPhone battery life if you remain in a pinch.

In the meantime, haptic responses is available for all apple iphone models that are compatible with iOS 16. Will you do those around you a favor and also silence the tap, tap, tap of your apple iphone key-board?


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