One of the explanations Borderlands Three makes use of Unreal Engine is as a result of it’s appropriate with next-gen

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When Gearbox began making Borderlands 3, it wasn’t enthusiastic about next-gen machines. Now, with the game a month out and approaching the next-gen of consoles, it’s one thing that’s on the crew’s minds.

The first 12 months of growth for Borderlands Three was truly in a distinct engine, however Gearbox made the swap as a result of Unreal Four permits you to port your game to different consoles comparatively simply.

“One of the reasons the game has been in development for a while is that we switched engines about three years ago,” multiplayer producer Chris Burke defined throughout a latest interview. “That is a fairly large enterprise, and the great factor about switching to an engine like Unreal 4, that sort of off-the-shelf quote-unquote ‘solution’, is that it tends to work on a ton of {hardware}.

“So once we made the game on this engine, we have now a relative quantity of certainty that if we’d have to make one for an additional platform, it could in all probability work, as a result of most game platforms are going to help Unreal. A whole lot of games are made on Unreal. Not particularly, we didn’t go in with like, ‘Cool, next-gen of consoles in mind.’ But like, ‘Hey, this engine does keep that in mind, we’re utilizing the engine.’”

Borderlands Three is releasing for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13.