Exploring the Sound of Final Fantasy 16: Part 4 – The Music

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For my cash, among one of the most fascinating elements of a game’s production is the make-up as well as orchestration of its songs. With Final Fantasy, that’s two times as the situation since for me, as well as I picture for many others, its soundtrack is among its highlights. Be it lo-fi networks, brand-new plans, collections, piano variations, or another thing, Final Fantasy songs makes its method right into most of my playlists. 

That’s why I was so thrilled to talk with author Masayoshi Soken concerning his rating for Final Fantasy XVI. You may identify his name as he’s additionally the author of Final Fantasy XIV. Still, if you don’t, there’s an opportunity it’s a name you involve bear in mind adhering to the launch of FFXVI since after investing greater than 3 hrs of hands-on time with the game in Square Enix’s Tokyo, Japan, workplace, I’m positive we’re about to obtain a banger of a rating. 

Final Fantasy XVI Composer Masayoshi Soken

In chatting with Soken, I wished to talk with him concerning several of the significant styles as well as tunes of any type of Final Fantasy game – points like the Prelude, the major motif, the Victory Fanfare, as well as extra – as well as he had plenty to claim. In this four-part collection, I’ll be damaging down various elements of the songs that thrill me as well as with any luck you also. 

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The Music of Final Fantasy XVI Part 4 – The Sound

Plenty of idea enters into producing crucial components of a Final Fantasy rating, like the Prelude as well as Victory Fanfare (you can read about that here), however equally as much idea enters into the instrumentation of each of the 200-plus tracks in the soundtrack. I wondered concerning what artists were playing to develop the noise of FFXVI, exactly how Soken set about this curation, as well as exactly how the game’s styles play right into these options. 

“I think for a lot of the themes for the Eikons, you’re going to get a lot of male chorus […] because we talked about how it brings that dark feel to it,” Soken informs me. “But I think there’s also a lot of brass instruments […] and strings […] as well, because you’re trying to get that dark, classical feel.”

From the dive, FFXVI manufacturer Naoki Yoshida tasked Soken with producing a rating that really felt extremely classic as well as he held to that advice throughout the make-up…besides one track. 

Final Fantasy XVI Producer Naoki Yoshida

“He didn’t want us to go off into too many tangents and go too crazy with it,” Soken claims. “There was one battle with a certain Eikon and after playing it, I thought, ‘There’s no way I can do this in classical. I want to do something different. I want to step away from classical and do something entirely different.’ So I composed a piece that was totally not classical. And without telling anyone, I put it in the game and let the development team play it, and the feedback that I got was that they really, really liked it even though it wasn’t classical. They felt that it really, really fit the battle.”

Soken stayed tightlipped on which Eikon battle he was referencing, however he did tease something I assume will certainly be of passion to those tuned right into the FFXIV area: Not just did localization supervisor Michael-Christopher Koji Fox create the verses included on this track, however he additionally sang for it. 

“That’s kind of embarrassing,” Koji claims with a smile as Soken chuckles along. “No one’s supposed to know that but yeah, there’s a couple that may have my vocal stylings.” 

While I couldn’t tear much deeper, Koji claims Soken gave his voice to that track as a support track to Koji as well as in the last game, they’re blended with each other. 

You’ll additionally listen to various other acquainted tunes within FFXVI, since Soken claims, “There are a lot of tracks in the game that we drew inspiration from music from past Final Fantasies, including Final Fantasy XIV.” He wouldn’t share extra with me, however, since if he did, he claims it’d be a looter. 

That talks with the bigger tone of songs in FFXVI. Soken as well as his group didn’t head out of their method to select a solitary tool or design of songs to specify ball game. Instead, it took a look at the location of Valisthea as well as the countries that call it house. 

“We don’t want to say that this place equals this place in the real world,” he claims. “For certain situations, we may have instances of Arabic origin or maybe instruments of Asian origin because they happen to fit that area or they happen to fit the situation and what’s going on in the cutscenes.” 

He proceeds, mentioning that since FFXIV has such a big globe, you can leap from various kinds of styles as well as songs relying on where you’re going. Whereas in FFXVI, he claims the game includes a concentrated tale which the group wished to maintain the core styles of the songs to fit the tale completely via.

“We didn’t want to have these big jumps, so we have this main pillar […] of music, that classical pillar, and then from there, we’re going to be adjusting a little bit, we’re going to be having a little bit of fun with it in certain areas. But that main sound is going to fit and [it’s] going to go through the whole game; you’re not going to get these big jumps in styles of music.” 

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