Devblog 93

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Higher player counts means more servers everywhere, and we’re now hosting the Battle Royale mod, too. There’s also damage tweaks, player skin alterations, the first look at the new female player model in-game, and more. []


  • Updated crash reporting
  • Announce to other players when admins give items
  • Fixed missing texture on key lock
  • Fixed rock smash particles colliding with player collider
  • Fixed invisible collectibles (rock, wood etc)
  • Fixed being able to use blueprint as ammo
  • Large water catcher is researchable
  • Don’t receive voice chat when dead
  • Can now use steam connect protocol
  • Moved debug keys to console commands
  • Added new model for holosight
  • Added new model for silencer
  • Dungeons: railroad and roads art added
  • Dungeons: fixed missing pipes collision
  • Dungeons: fixed missing concrete wall collision (military tunnels)
  • Better mesh batching for improved client performance
  • Fixed bed exploit to get inside rocks
  • Fixed bed placement issues
  • Made white skinned players more apparent
  • Tweaked how server list is refreshed to avoid overload
  • Fixed exploit using disconnect during loading screen
  • Added Semi-Automatic Rifle.