This For Honor video proves you possibly can tackle a number of opponents by your self, and win

So lengthy as you don’t panic, you possibly can completely overcome a number of opponents by yourself in For Honor.

For Honor‘s mechanically-dense nature means you actually must know the strengths and weaknesses of your class. The sport is already taxing sufficient in 1v1 conditions, not to mention when getting wailed on by extra opponents than you possibly can deal with.

But, as this video from Twitch streamer Iskys (through FragmentShader) proves, when you hold your cool, you’ll prevail. At first, the streamer is seen combating 1v1, when one other enemy decides to affix the battle.

With most of his blocks and parries on level, Iskys triggers Revenge mode and manages to take one out, reverting the battle again to 1v1. But it doesn’t finish there, after almost killing the remaining opponent, one other comes speeding in.

Our hero now has a single bar of well being, however because of competent blocking, he will get to name in Revenge mode once more. Which he does, permitting him to eliminate one, and as soon as once more flip the battle into 1v1. Despite having little or no well being left, he succeeds in devastating the – almost full well being – last challenger.

What’s spectacular is that he by no means as soon as resorted to any untoward tactics, and kept all fights honourable. We can’t promise you’ll be nearly as good as Iskys when you read our For Honor guide, however we will promise you gained’t be bumbling and mashing your manner by means of fights.