Flash sale: Get Rainbow Six Siege and the HyperX Cloud II headset for $70

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HyperX Cloud and Rainbow Six Siege bundle sale

Amazon currently has a sale running too good not to tell you about. To celebrate Leap Day (whether or not that’s really a day worth celebrating is another matter) Amazon has put a large number of PC components and accessories on sale until the end of the day. But out of all of those deals, this one was worth highlighting above the rest. 

Until 11pm PST, you can get the HyperX Cloud II headset (our current favorite gaming headset) bundled with Rainbow Six Siege (one of our favorite games of last year) for $70 on Amazon. That’s only $10 more than the regular price of Siege for one of the best gaming headsets you can buy. Or, looking at it a different way, you can get the HyperX Cloud II for roughly $30 less than its regular price and get a free game, all with free shipping.

You can find the Amazon listing here, but keep in mind that it’ll disappear tonight. And, as always, you can find more deals like this in our weekly list of the best PC gaming deals. 

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