Exploring Cid’s Secret Lair in Final Fantasy 16

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During my hands-on time with Final Fantasy XVI for our cover tale, I play via the game’s opening up hrs, which include minutes from Clive’s youth when he’s 15 years of ages and also a flash ahead to a 28-year-old Clive. Here, Clive satisfies Cidolfus Telamon, or Cid for brief – due to the fact that this is Final Fantasy, nevertheless. Shortly after, Cid brings Clive to an area referred to as Cid’s secluded. 

This secluded is just one of the primary centers in FFXVI. While I’m not exactly sure of its area in Valisthea, the continent where the game happens, it looks constructed right into a spacious framework. It includes a club where you talk to residents concerning what’s taking place on the planet, side pursuits to grab, and also a songs gamer, also. I find songs tracks discovering Valisthea, and also while these are brand-new tracks from ball game of FFXVI, I think songs from various other Final Fantasy games could likewise be visible. 

Cid’s secluded

Elsewhere in the secluded, there’s a blacksmith where I can buy brand-new tools and also equipment and also update what I have, and also there’s a basic items represent getting points like remedies. I likewise locate Harpocatres in the secluded, that I can engage with as I advance via FFXVI to find out more concerning Valisthean background. 

Hideaway loresman Harpocrates

Otto’s Counter is an attribute of Cid’s secluded gamers will certainly engage with a whole lot, I think. Otto is the supervisor of types for the center, and also his staff members will certainly be valuable in Clive’s trip. One of them is Gaute, that takes care of Alliant Reports. These monitor Clive’s continuous partnerships, and also gamers can engage with an unique food selection to check out the records precursors produce to tape-record individuals in difficulty throughout the world. Clive can fast-travel straight to these areas to assist them – or, simply put, finish a sidequest. 

Not much from Gaute is The Patron’s Whisper, run by Desiree. At The Patron’s Whisper, you’ll obtain presents from individuals you’ve assisted in the type of crafting sources, Gil (Valisthea’s money), and also a lot more. These presents are linked straight to the Renown Clive makes around Valisthea as his name and also kind deeds infected its individuals. The incentives from Renown aren’t what you receive from finishing pursuits – you’ll obtain those promptly – yet instead, a bonus offer. 

The Patron’s Whisper

The 3rd significant facet of Otto’s Counter is the Hunt Board. If you’ve played Final Fantasy XII, this board recognizes due to the fact that it looks and also functions in a similar way. That’s not unexpected, thinking about a great portion of FFXVI’s group leads worked with FFXII. At this board, you gather bounties and also carry out pursues throughout Valisthea. Sometimes, you’ll come across a quest without the bounty, yet there’s no demand to stress and anxiety concerning choosing it up. If you finish the quest, you’ll obtain the incentive connected with it following time you go back to the Hunt Board.

The opponent will certainly be boxed within a digital sector at a Hunt area. The battle should take place below – leave the sector and also the quest will certainly finish, making it very easy to run away if you’re in over your head. 

Separate from Otto’s Counter yet within the secluded is Clive’s chambers. Here, Clive can check out letters he gets. Sometimes these letters will certainly cause brand-new side pursuits; various other times, they’re updates from personalities you’ve engaged with, and also often they’re cautions. You can likewise include some character to Clive’s space using the Wall of Memories, which starts as vacant racks and also areas where ornaments from Clive’s trip will certainly someday rest as a tip of what he’s completed, where he’s been, and also that he’s assisted. 

Overall, the scenic tour I obtained of Cid’s secluded was large, yet I obtain the feeling there’s a lot more to it and also I’m thrilled to see all of it when FFXVI strikes PlayStation 5 on June 22. 

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