A brand new 2D Zelda sport on Switch is “definitely a possibility”

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Zelda collection producer Eiji Aonuma has talked about the potential for the 3DS Zelda staff creating a brand new 2D expertise for Switch in a brand new interview.


Speaking with Game Informer, Aonuma was requested if the staff behind the 3DS Zelda titles, the wonderful A Link Between Worlds and so-so Triforce Heroes, could be introduced in on the following massive Zelda sport to expedite improvement, since Breath of the Wild took such a very long time.

Aonuma says that that is unlikely to occur. “The 3DS team and the Wii U team have different approaches to game development, so I don’t necessarily want to combine them and have them think together, but rather have each think about what they can bring to Nintendo Switch from their own perspective.”

When requested straight if this meant the Switch could obtain a 2D Zelda sport sooner or later, Aonuma mentioned that this was “definitely a possibility”.

“There are definitely good things about the 2D world and the playstyles of the 2D world,” he instructed Game Informer. “There are a lot of fans who enjoy that style … For the 3DS team, I am trying to make them think in a more evolved 2D-style approach.”

This isn’t strong affirmation, after all, however it appears like a definite chance. The subsequent Zelda sport, Breath of the Wild, hits the Wii U and Switch on March three.