Nioh information: how one can beat each boss – methods, weaknesses and ideas

It’s time to slay some Yokai.


Nioh is kind of a bit extra than simply Dark Souls with Samurai – it’s a convincing mix of the action-packed fight Team Ninja made its identify for with Ninja Gaiden with a few of the RPG construction and difficult problem that made the Souls collection nice. Part of that method are the bosses – large, epic encounters that you just’re certain to die to some instances earlier than studying their patterns and preventing type, ultimately studying to make use of that in opposition to them.

Some bosses are tougher than others, nevertheless, and so under we’ve put collectively our information to the bosses within the recreation. It’s a piece in progress as we work by means of the sport for the second time, beginning with a give attention to the bosses discovered all through Nioh’s fundamental story quest. Don’t let the frustration get you – get even!

Needless to say, there’ll be spoilers of boss names and techniques on this web page.


Derrick the Executioner – Tower of London (Mission Level 1)

This first boss battle is actually about so simple as they arrive, because it’s the battle that tops off the beginning space. It’s actually designed to check your information from all through the prologue degree, which is principally a prolonged disguised tutorial for what the remainder of the sport shall be.

The excellent news is that Derrick is large and lumbering, which means all of his strikes have fairly apparent tells and wind-ups as you strategy him. The fundamental technique right here is to make Derrick whiff: dodge his heavy assaults, and when he swings and spectacularly misses that’s your cue to get in there and lay on some hits to do some harm. At this level within the recreation you’ll have quite a bit much less weapon selection, so permit us to make a base suggestion: use the battle axe. It’ll smash him.

Eventually he’ll switch right into a second part (due to course he does), you’ll wish to grasp again a bit. He’ll cost at you want a giant ol’ fool, and as soon as once more you’ll be able to sidestep him and get in on him whereas he’s open from his ill-considered sprint in direction of you to assault. Keep this up and he’ll go down rapidly sufficient.


Onryoki – Isle of Demons (Mission Level 5)

After outdated Derrick, second boss Onryoki may nicely be seen as the primary ‘true’ boss of the sport. He’s an unlimited demon that swings chain balls round – and even for those who’re blocking, you actually wish to ideally keep away from being hit by them. If you’re not blocking it’s going to essentially, actually harm. As such, this can be a take a look at of dodging as a lot as it’s of offence, and it may be a humbling take a look at certainly.

Your fundamental technique for this battle needs to be to stroll in a bit nearer and anticipate him to swing the balls about wildly. Eventually he’ll slam his balls into the bottom, baited (hur hur) – simply don’t get hit (nice recommendation, I do know) and be careful for the second ball, which he generally makes use of to comb the world. Once he’s stopped swinging, sprint in and lay on some ache and as he recovers dodge again. This is the rhythm for the battle: let him swing his weapon about wildly, and when he tires and comes to some extent the place he’s pressured to cease, sprint in and hit him as a lot as you’ll be able to whereas remaining secure.

Elements of this boss may frustrate, however one will get the impression that the builders intend this as a deliberate skill-check in your means to dodge. Die a couple of instances for those who should – what’s essential is to study the tells in Onryoki’s animation to have an thought of when he’s going to assault. Dodge rigorously. We discovered the low stance was finest for this battle due to its dodge velocity and stamina/ki financial savings.

If issues go actually badly fallacious you may discover some therapeutic gadgets within the containers within the room, so smash them or goad him into doing so. Eventually you’ll get the prospect to interrupt the chains to detach his balls – do this. This is principally part two now: as a substitute of swinging them, he’ll decide up the balls and throw them at you. Dodge if this occurs, but additionally attempt to preserve him from them, however watch out for his stubby however very highly effective assaults at close-range. Pretty quickly he’ll drop.


Hino-enma – Deep within the Shadows (Mission Level 12)

Hino-enma is discovered within the third chapter of Nioh’s fundamental story in a mission titled Deep within the Shadows and is the third boss you’re prone to face. This boss is discovered inside a cave, and in a cutscene this yokai will swing down from the rafters. She has wings, and, sure – she will be able to fly. That makes issues a bit extra sophisticated, although I really discovered her fairly a bit simpler than Onryoki.

She principally has two kinds of assaults – projectile assaults that goal to hit you with both spikes or a blast of wind, or a splash to you that body-slams you. For many of the battle she’ll be at a distance and so these shall be your major worries, but when she will get in shut she has a couple of totally different close-quarters assaults too. Generally talking, you wish to preserve her at vary at first after which attempt to lock her down when you shut the gap. Spears are nice for this battle due to their enhanced attain over different choices.

The final key’s to keep away from her projectile assaults. These issues are lethal and might lead you from full energy to dying in a matter of seconds – however they’re additionally nicely choreographed, with Hino-enma’s animation making nicely clear what she’s as much as earlier than she does it. Dodge and block.

The finest wager is to attend for one in every of her dashing physique slam assaults. Avoid it, utilizing low stance to have the quickest obtainable dodge. Switch stances as soon as she’s shut by and strafe round her, aiming to launch an assault every time your strafing and dodging causes her to whiff. Only get as shut as it’s good to to your weapon to make contact – get too shut and he or she’ll be much more prone to catch you. Eventually, she’ll be downed.


Nue – The Spirit Stone Slumbers (Mission Level 19)

Nue is Nioh’s fourth boss and is a gigantic yokai that may be a mangled mixture of a number of kinds of animal. It can fly and spit lightning and poison at you – it’s a lethal one. As with Hino-enma for this encounter we suggest a spear in an effort to snipe harm off Nue right here and there with out getting caught up in its assaults by being too shut. Use low stance so that you’ve the utmost means to maneuver and dodge at velocity.

The key right here is to attend for Nue to make use of its lightning or poison assaults; when it does, dodge about to the aspect and get in to assault. The lightning and poison assaults lock Nue down for a while, providing you with loads of time to get in, let rip some combos, then retreat earlier than the beast is ready to elevate its defences as soon as extra

Once Nue takes sufficient harm that its Ki is depleted, then is an efficient time to deploy your Guardian Spirit and actually go to city. Go nuts, and for those who’re aggressive sufficient this beast gained’t even have the time to get better from its depleted Ki state.


Tachibana Muneshige – The Spirit Stone Slumbers (Mission Level 19)

Tachibana Muneshige is the second boss in The Spirit Stone Slumbers fundamental mission and is the fifth boss in Nioh’s fundamental story development. He’s additionally only a dude, one thing we haven’t seen since lumbering outdated Derrick. Tachibana can also be encountered as a part of the aspect mission ‘An Invitation from the Warrior of the West’, and far of what we write right here applies to that (admittedly tougher) encounter with him.

Given that this can be a one-on-one duel, it’s unsurprisingly about defence as a lot as offense. Try to dodge quite than block, and once you handle to dodge and drive him to whiff one in every of his assaults, get in and counter exhausting. While in earlier boss fights we’ve advisable low stance for velocity, right here we’d suggest medium – it permits you to dodge however medium stance’s heavy assaults are a great damage-dealer for this encounter. The spear or sword each appeared to work nice in equal measure for this encounter, although on condition that he’s not the quickest to get better the spear permits for a bit extra distance for security’s sake.

Once he’s out of ki, you’ll wish to knock him over and carry out a floor assault on him (Triangle) to essentially deal large harm. Ultimately this isn’t too difficult a battle, and the dodge-and-weave dance that you find yourself doing is paying homage to Derrick.


Great Centipede – The Silver Mine Writhes (Mission Level 27)

Seventh on Nioh’s checklist of lethal fundamental story bosses is the Great Centipede, and this boss is… just about precisely what you’d count on primarily based on its identify. That goes for a way gross it’s too, for higher or worse…

The first part of this boss is fairly easy – get in shut and assault its legs. That’s the weak level. For this I used low stance with a sword, basically getting in shut and slicing and dicing like a mad-man. If it dashes at you with its pincers, don’t fear an excessive amount of about dodging – simply block as a substitute after which kite round to assault the legs. The Great Centipede additionally rears up; if it does, be able to dodge to the aspect because it slams again all the way down to the bottom.

The key trick for this battle is to attempt to all the time stay behind this boss; block an incoming pincer or slam assault, then dodge round to the rear of the centipede and go to city on its legs. It’ll flip to face you and rear up for one in every of its assaults – when it does, block, then once more dodge again round behind it. Follow this fundamental rhythm for your complete battle and although whereas difficult the Great Centipede gained’t actually get an opportunity to deploy its nastiest, dirtiest tips and can quickly sufficient fall.

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