Battlefield 1 Winter Update full patch notes revealed, embrace gasoline and suppression nerf, slight Martini Henry buff, extra

Take a deeper dive into the nitty gritty of right now’s Battlefield 1 patch.


Now that the Winter Update for Battlefield 1 is rolling out throughout all platforms, in every single place on the earth, it’s time to search out what the patch really does. The obtain measurement is roughly 1.6GB on PC, four.6GB on consoles.

Although we beforehand lined the biggest new features and changes, DICE has now formally outlined all of the patch notes. The largest additions by far are the brand new Ribbons, which return from Battlefield three and four.

There are 20 of those to gather, and every offers you 300XP when unlocked. Max class ranks for each class within the recreation have additionally been elevated from ten to 50. You get a battlepack each ten ranges you climb.

The server rental expertise has additionally been improved, with new admin options like having the ability to kick and ban gamers, in addition to arrange prioritised entry. If you’re taking part in on a group server, you’ll now be capable of vote for the following map.

Find the remainder of the notes beneath:


  • Fixed some components of automobiles that had been improperly positioned in entrance of 1p cameras when taking or repairing harm to them.
  • Fixed tank driver weapon visuals not functioning appropriately for different gamers when the driving force makes use of a 3p digital camera.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Heavy Tank wouldn’t present on the minimap when firing.
  • Reduced the cooldown of gasoline skills on automobiles from 30-32s to 25 seconds to make up for lowered gasoline period.
  • Fixed subject the place a number of tanks might develop into out there to a crew once they shouldn’t be.


  • Fixed a difficulty the place the Warbond image overlapped the quantity of obtainable warbonds in Arabic language.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the kill log can be seen within the deploy display in Hardcore mode.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place participant nametag wouldn’t present within the kill log for some kind of kills.
  • Improved the logic for fading out crosshairs and UI when aiming down sights.
  • Fixed English spelling error for magnification.
  • Kit rank progress bar now turns into invisible when you attain max rank.
  • Vehicle choice is now disabled whereas the preround countdown is operating in an effort to present a extra honest choice course of for automobiles.
  • Increased the time for re-selecting invalid deploy factors from three to 10 seconds to keep away from 100% computerized reselection when squad members are below hearth.
  • Fixed subject the place quantity of warbonds might overlap UI container.
  • Fixed subject the place XP increase might overlap UI container.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers would be part of an Operation when it had progressed too far, virtually on the finish.
  • Improved efficiency within the menu system.
  • Tweaked design of associates checklist.
  • Player will now observe first medal by default.
  • RSP server info will now show proprietor of server.
  • Now kinds common servers beneath RSP servers within the server browser.
  • Added server info in …-menu.
  • Fixed a bug the place becoming a member of server animation began twice when becoming a member of server.
  • Fixed a bug the place the consumer remained in cling after failing to hitch a server.
  • Fixed a bug the place the tracked medal was not highlighted.
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers had been unable to see the highlighted textual content in finish of spherical.
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers had been prompted with “Matchmaking failed” when switching between Quickmatch modes.
  • Fixed a bug the place the social gathering hub didn’t replace social gathering members.
  • Fixed a bug the place stats required reentering the weapons web page to replace.
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers had been unable to ask to social gathering from comcenter after booting the title by way of social gathering recreation invite with a 6+ folks social gathering.
  • Fix animation subject on personalised advice playing cards.
  • Fixed a bug the place personalised advice playing cards wouldn’t fade.
  • Fixed a bug the place the context menu was misaligned when the consumer clicked on it for the primary time.
  • Fixed a bug the place the spotlight was damaged after the consumer chosen a automobile with service star within the automobile tab.
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers had been left in cling when dismissing the “Matchmaking Failed” whereas the “you have no scraps” immediate was lively in loading display.
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers might scroll utilizing “R” within the comcenter on console.
  • Fixed a bug the place the top of spherical countdown stopped when rapidly navigating by way of the tabs.
  • Fixed a bug the place the mouse scroll didn’t work in checklist of advice playing cards.
  • Fixed a bug the place content material moved round within the menu when gamers had been spamming down on the d-pad.
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers entered an unplayable state when trying to hitch a recreation session by way of the Xbox pal’s tab.
  • Fixed a bug the place it was not attainable to examine skins within the Inventory.
  • Fixed a bug the place Standard Battlepack real-money value generally didn’t present up.
  • Fixed seven UI associated crash bugs.
  • Fixed a number of localisation points.

Map changes

  • Fixed a difficulty with floating particles after destroying a desk.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place gamers might get caught in a desk.
  • Player will now not clip by way of the visible mesh of windmill interiors.
  • Grenades and dynamite will now not fall by way of the ground of the windmill balcony.
  • Removed flickering impact on tall picket fences.
  • Destruction mounted between tall picket fence components.
  • Fixed Conquest spawn areas on Suez. Moved one up so participant now not spawns underground, moved one other out of a tree.
  • Fixed subject the place underwater sounds might get caught on land.
  • Fixed subject the place the participant might transfer on prime of the map on Argonne Forest.
  • Fixed subject the place Hint Line for practice didn’t disappear after performing indicated motion and even leaving the behemoth on Conquest, Suez.


  • Side gun meshes weren’t rendering for 3p spectators relying on which weapon was used and if that specific seat was spectated.
  • Fixed a difficulty with the “Tankghewehr 1918” Elite weapon replenished ammo after choosing up any dropped weapon equipment.
  • Bayonet cost kills ought to now correctly award service stars.
  • Fixed illogical habits when utilizing Ok Bullets with the Martini-Henry.
  • Increased lengthy reload time of Autoloading eight .25 Extended from 2.9 to three.066 s.
  • Improved Selbstlader 1906 aimed accuracy, lowered recoil and decreased unfold.
  • Increased horizontal recoil of Lewis Optical and M1909 Optical by 10% when ADS.
  • Upped recoil lower of “Low Weight” SLRs from 6 to 7.
  • Increased harm of the Martini-Henry between 30 and 80 meters barely.
  • Reduced the harm of affect grenades from 80 to 72″
  • Increased No.three Revolver charge of fireside in ADS from 119 to 138.
  • Added lacking tiered reloading to flash flares.
  • Fixed Selbstlader 1906 and GasserM1870 final spherical fired animations for accuracy.
  • Fixed Gasser round-in-cylinder rotation throughout reload loop.
  • Fixed slide journey on a number of computerized pistols throughout fires and reloads.
  • Fixed hammer place of Mars pistol throughout reload.
  • Fix of Auto Revolver reload interrupt tiers and speedloader visibility.
  • Removed visible recoil from ADS hearth anims on Mle 1903, Pieper Carbine, 1903 Experimental.
  • Fixed subject with tiered reloading within the Mle 1903.
  • Corrected Frommer Stop Auto journal capability from 14+1 to 15+1.
  • Corrected errors in transferring dispersion for crouched hipfire on shotguns.
  • Retune of Revolver No three reload audio to match new animation. Added hammer cocking to ADS firing animation.
  • Retune of Luger1906 Reload Audio to match new animation.
  • Automatico M1918 generally confirmed the mistaken title (it was referred to as Modello 1918 in just a few locations).
  • The Tankgewehr now resupplies four rounds without delay.
  • Made harm of the Russian 1895 Trench and Horse drop slower to offer them a barely higher 2 hit kill vary.
  • Retuned audio on Gasser reload to match new animation. Added hammer cock/decock to Deploy and Undeploy to match animation.

-Tweaked put up reload delays to higher match animations on the next weapons:

  • Cei-Rigotti zero.four to zero.6 s.
  • Mondragon zero.5 to zero.5667 s.
  • Selbstlader 1906 zero.eight to 1.0667 s.
  • Bodeo 1.1 to s.
  • Bulldog to 1.1 s.

-Increased horizontal recoil by 14.three%:

  • Automatico Trench
  • Hellriegel Factory
  • M1909 Storm
  • Madsen Storm
  • MG15 Storm
  • BAR Storm

-Reduced horizontal recoil of some self-loading rifles:

  • Autoloading eight zero.6 to zero.four.
  • Cei-Rigotti zero.64 to zero.56.
  • M1907 SL zero.84 to zero.7.

-Tweaked the harm habits of the 12 g Automatic shotgun to steadiness all variants higher in opposition to one another:

  • Extended: Increased pellet cone from 1.6 to 1.eight levels. Should now two hit kill a wholesome goal as much as about 18 meters.
  • Backbored: Reduced pellet cone from 1.28 to 1.2 levels. Should now two hit kill a wholesome goal as much as about 19 meters.
  • Hunter: Reduced pellet cone from 1.28 to 1.2 levels. Should now two hit kill a wholesome goal as much as about 21 meters.
  • All: Moved out harm dropoff by 1 m and added harm curves.
  • Model 10-A Slug adjustments:
  • Reduced aimed dispersion from zero.three to zero.24 when stationary and from zero.50 to zero.48 when transferring.
  • Increased muzzle velocity from 380 to 420.
  • Reduced harm in opposition to intestine, legs and arms.
  • Added skill to kill a wholesome goal with pictures to the intestine or higher arms inside eight meters.
  • Increased deadly vary from chest pictures from 10 to 11 meters.
  • Evened out recoil course.

Spectator mode

  • Fixed a difficulty in Spectator the place a 1P overlay seems for spectators viewing gamers in fortress weapons in 3P or when spectating the artillery truck driver in 3P whereas the driving force zooms.
  • New button added in Spectator mode to view the gamer card of a spectated participant.
  • Added button labels to the view modes in Spectator mode for PS4/Xbox One.
  • Bayonet recharged sound might set off from any soldier on spectator purchasers. This ought to now solely happen for spectated troopers.
  • Added additional test for “not team neutral” to gate announcer VO when in Spectator mode Freecam or Tabletop views.
  • Added gates to Impaired Hearing Mixer, Low Health Mixer, Gas Supression Mixer to not activate for spectators in freecam/tabletop view.
  • Added additional checks for Low Health and Gas Supression SFX/mixers to begin if spectator enters participant view whereas SFX/mixers ought to be lively.
  • Possession announcer VO will not play for freecam and tabletop spectators.
  • Fixes Pre-EOR music not activating for spectators (all game-modes).
  • Gated “Lost Objective” VO to not play for spectators in Conquest/Operation/Domination.
  • Fixed corrupted VFX when gamers shoot the Flare Gun in all digital camera modes.
  • Fix for components of the practice disappearing whereas spectating a participant within the practice in third particular person or director.
  • Fixed the Spectator boundaries to be the identical because the aircraft boundaries on Giant’s Shadow.
  • Fixed a spectator bug with the behemoth icon staying on the heart of the display for those who exit participant view mode earlier than it’s moved to the ultimate place on the prime of the display.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the choice “show player outlines”/Squad Pin stopped working when switching by way of gamers.
  • Fixed a difficulty the place the participant couldn’t choose the numbered freecam they had been simply on from a drop digital camera.
  • Fixed a bug the place Battlepacks and Medals had been current in loading display when becoming a member of as Spectator.
  • Fixed a bug the place gamers didn’t obtain the choice to hitch pal as spectator on consoles from comcenter.


  • Improved cavalry sufferer expertise. You ought to now not get killed by cavalry utilizing a saber from a number of meters away.
  • Fixed errors the place Elite Kits had unintentionally excessive well being regeneration delays and carried too many grenades.
  • Increased the edge for suppression results to stop suppression from occurring too early.
  • Reduced gasoline period from 22 to 15 seconds.
  • Tweaked suppression results and low well being visuals.
  • Fixed VO subject in Rush when defenders have interacted with telegraph to ship enemies coordinates.


  • Fixed PC customized keybindings not correctly remapping for Behemoths.


  • Reduce most displacement of excessive ping gamers when lacking updates.
  • Fixed large extrapolation instances for good connections after body spikes.

Custom recreation

  • Added customized recreation setting to toggle Behemoth.
  • Added customized recreation setting to toggle Squad Leader Only Spawn.